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How the Gene Got Its Groove
How the Gene Got Its Groove (April 2008)
Figurative Language, Science, and the Rhetoric of the Real
Elizabeth Parthenia Shea - Author

Traces the rhetorical work of the gene in scientific and nonscientific discourse throughout the twentieth century.

Against a backdrop of the history of the gene as a scientific and a cultural icon, How the Gene Got Its Groove examines how “genes” function as rhetorical objects. Returning to Wilhelm Johannsen’s original argument for the term, Elizabeth Parthenia Shea maintains that the gene w...(Read More)
Karl Popper and the Social Sciences
Karl Popper and the Social Sciences (January 2006)
William A. Gorton - Author

The first systematic treatment of Karl Popper’s contribution to the philosophy of the social sciences.

This is the first book-length exploration of Karl Popper’s often-neglected contributions to the philosophy of social science. William A. Gorton situates Popper’s ideas on social inquiry within the broader framework of his thought, including his philosophy of natural science, ...(Read More)
Galileo's Pendulum
Galileo's Pendulum (October 2003)
Science, Sexuality, and the Body-Instrument Link
Dusan I. Bjelic - Author
Michael Lynch - Foreword by

Examines the history of science in light of recent theories of sexuality and the body.

Drawing on the theories of Michel Foucault, Judith Butler, and others who have written on the history of sexuality and the body, Galileo's Pendulum explores how the emergence of the scientific method in the seventeenth century led to a de-emphasis on the body and sexuality. The first half of the book focuses on the historical...(Read More)
Humanity and the Cosmos
Humanity and the Cosmos (January 2003)
Proceedings of the Brock Philosophical Society Conference on Humanity and the Cosmos
Daniel McArthur - Author
Corey Mulvihill - Author

Essays on the interaction between science and spiritual values which characterize much of modern life.

A Global Academic Publishing Book
The End of Modern Medicine
The End of Modern Medicine (December 2001)
Biomedical Science under a Microscope
Laurence Foss - Author

Proposes a radically reconfigured medical model centered on mind-body interaction.

The End of Modern Medicine
chronicles the work of a small, influential band of medical theorists and clinicians who over the past decade have sought to redress the physical fundamentalism of the biomedical model that shaped their professional training. Laurence Foss challenges the prevailing medical model whereby mind and body are esse...(Read More)
Degrees of Compromise
Degrees of Compromise (April 2001)
Industrial Interests and Academic Values
Jennifer Croissant - Editor
Sal Restivo - Editor

Analyzes value changes arising from new university-industry research relationships.

Degrees of Compromise
probes the convergence of for-profit business collaborations with higher education. Interdisciplinary in scope, the collection questions the effects of commercialization activities on undergraduate student values and graduate education practice and ethics, research autonomy, institutional prestige, and scientific...(Read More)
Nature, Design, and Science
Nature, Design, and Science (March 2001)
The Status of Design in Natural Science
Del Ratzsch - Author

Explores the question of whether or not concepts and principles involving supernatural intelligent design can occupy any legitimate place within science.

Although the scientific illegitimacy of supernatural design is typically asserted with enormous confidence and vigor, there has been surprisingly little actual work on such key foundational issues as even what design is and on specific criteria for assessing its ...(Read More)
Visions of STS
Visions of STS (February 2001)
Counterpoints in Science, Technology, and Society Studies
Stephen H. Cutcliffe - Editor
Carl Mitcham - Editor

Maps interconnections between science, technology, and society in order to understand both benefits and costs.

Visions of STS
brings together the views of ten leading scholars to clarify the nature of Science, Technology, and Society Studies and point toward future developments. The interdisciplinary field of STS maps out the interconnected relationships among science, technology, and society in order to better unde...(Read More)
Bringing Life to Ethics
Bringing Life to Ethics (January 2001)
Global Bioethics for a Humane Society
Michael W. Fox - Author
Bernard E. Rollin - Foreword by

Enlarges the meaning and scope of inquiry into our values, relationships, and treatment of animals, the environment, and each other.

Bringing Life to Ethics continues in the tradition of Michael W. Fox's lifelong inquiry into values, social and personal relationships, and the treatment of animals, the environment, and each other. Fox, the popular nationally syndicated columnist of "Ask the Animal Doctor", uses ...(Read More)
Science, Technology, and Democracy
Science, Technology, and Democracy (September 2000)
Daniel Lee Kleinman - Editor

Examines restrictions and potentialities for public access to science and technology decision making.

Activists, scientists, and scholars in the social sciences and humanities explore in productive dialogue what it means to democratize science and technology. The contributors consider what role lay people can have in a realm traditionally restricted to experts, and examine the socio-economic and ideological barriers to creating a scien...(Read More)
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