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Watershed Research Traditions in Human Communication Theory
Watershed Research Traditions in Human Communication Theory (August 1995)
Donald P. Cushman - Editor
Branislav Kovacic - Editor

Focuses on and presents watershed research traditions in human communication (interpersonal, organizational, and mass communication).

"This book's unique contribution is that each communication theory presented for discussion is examined at three levels--philosophical, theoretical, and practical. The approach has made it possible for the authors to reveal some of the hidden dimensions of each theory examined. It's going ...(Read More)
Political Rhetoric, Power, and Renaissance Women
Political Rhetoric, Power, and Renaissance Women (August 1995)
Carole Levin - Editor
Patricia A. Sullivan - Editor

This book deals with women in political power during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I, Catherine de Medici, Mary II) and about the gender-based stereotypes that were produced rhetorically about them.
"This book is the only one that I have seen on the topic of women in Renaissance politics. It adds a crucial piece to the puzzle of women's contributions to political decision-making throughout the centuries. ...(Read More)
Warranting Assent
Warranting Assent (March 1995)
Case Studies in Argument Evaluation
Edward Schiappa - Editor

This book is a book about how individuals decide that arguments (or excuses) are valid or invalid, sound or unsound, strong or weak, ethical or unethical, with many examples and applications.

This book brings together essays that demonstrate the art of argument evaluation. The essays apply a variety of theoretical approaches to specific, historically-situated arguments in order to render a specific normative judgment. By bringing to ...(Read More)
Language as Articulate Contact
Language as Articulate Contact (February 1995)
Toward a Post-Semiotic Philosophy of Communication
John Stewart - Author

This book critiques semiotic accounts of the nature of language and sets forth a dialogic alternative.

This book analyzes the prominent view that language is basically a system of signs and symbols; outlines an alternative that builds on aspects of the philosophies of Heidegger, Gadamer, Buber, and Bakhtin; and employs this alternative to criticize accounts of language developed by V.N. Volosinov, Kenneth Burke, and Calvi...(Read More)
Speaking Culturally
Speaking Culturally (November 1992)
Explorations in Social Communication
Gerry Philipsen - Author

Speaking Culturally presents case studies of two cultures, focusing on how speaking is thematized and enacted in each. The Teamsterville culture is drawn from the author's studies of the spoken life of an urban, working-class neighborhood in Chicago, while the Nacirema culture draws upon studies of communication among middle-class Americans, primarily on the West Coast.

Using fieldwork conducted over a period of twenty years, Philipse...(Read More)
A New Beginning
A New Beginning (July 1991)
A Textual Frame Analysis of the Political Campaign Film
Joanne Morreale - Author

This book is a postmodern analysis of Ronald Reagan's 1984 film, A New Beginning, which marked the coming-of-age of the televisual political campaign film. The film was a landmark in the art of political filmmaking. Its thesis proclaimed a resurgence of American pride, patriotism, and prosperity under the leadership of Ronald Reagan. A New Beginning was unprecedented for a number of reasons: it replaced the traditional nomi...(Read More)
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