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Despotic Bodies and Transgressive Bodies
Despotic Bodies and Transgressive Bodies (November 2002)
Spanish Culture from Francisco Franco to Jesus Franco
Tatjana Pavlovic - Author

Examines crucial moments of transition in Spanish culture and society during both dictatorship and democracy.

Focusing on Spanish culture and society in the second half of the twentieth century, Despotic Bodies and Transgressive Bodies traverses a variety of disciplines: literature, film studies, cultural studies, feminist theory, and history, to examine crucial moments of cultural transition. Beginning with ...(Read More)
Zayas and Her Sisters, 2
Zayas and Her Sisters, 2 (January 2001)
Essays on Novelas by 17th-Century Spanish Women
Gwyn E. Campbell - Editor
Judith A. Whitenack - Editor

A collection of essays on the novelist María de Zayas and other seventeenth century Spanish women writers.

This collection of essays is designed to initiate further critical consideration of the women novelistas, their work, and their individual prose tales, and to support an inclusive panorama of literary theories ranging from the more traditional approaches to psychoanalytical perspectives, queer ...(Read More)
Constructing Spanish Womanhood
Constructing Spanish Womanhood (January 1999)
Female Identity in Modern Spain
Victoria Loree Enders - Editor
Pamela Beth Radcliff - Editor

The first anthology in English on modern Spanish women's history and identity formation.

"Until recently, synthetic treatments of European women's history in the English-speaking world have inadvertently neglected (due more to unfamiliarity than ill-will) the important findings of historical research on women and gender in Spain, even as all too few historians outside Spain had embarked on such analyses. Constructin...(Read More)
Delirium and Destiny
Delirium and Destiny (January 1999)
A Spaniard in Her Twenties
María Zambrano - Author
Carol Maier - Translator
Roberta Johnson - Commentary

Written by one of twentieth-century Spain's most prominent intellectuals, this book--part memoir, part lyrical novel--is both a Bildungsroman about a young woman's intellectual formation during a crucial period of Spanish history (1929-1931) and a philosophical meditation upon the individual's place in society.

"This book offers unique insights provided by a woman who was actively involved in the intellectual, historical,...(Read More)
The Post-Boom in Spanish American Fiction
The Post-Boom in Spanish American Fiction (July 1998)
Donald L. Shaw - Author

Provides a clear account of the issues in Spanish American fiction in the last quarter-century by attempting to answer questions on the Boom, Post-Boom, and its relation to Postmodernism.

What happened in Spanish American fiction after the Boom? Can we define the Post-Boom? What are its characteristics? How does it relate to the Boom itself? Is Post-Boom the same as Postmodernism or something quite different? Shaw traces...(Read More)
The Endless Text
The Endless Text (October 1997)
Don Quixote and the Hermeneutics of Romance
Edward Dudley - Author

CHOICE 1998 Outstanding Academic Book
Traces the history of chivalric fiction in Western Europe, from the earliest Celtic tales to the conflict between romance and realism in Don Quixote.
The Endless Text is the first study to trace the history of chivalric fiction in Western Europe, from the earliest Celtic tales to the conflict between romance and realism in Don Quixote. A set of specific rhetorical devices are ...(Read More)
The Disenchantments of Love
The Disenchantments of Love (March 1997)
A Translation of Desenganos Amorosos
Maria de Zayas - Author
H. Patsy Boyer - Translator

Published in 1647, these ten tales are among the earliest narratives in Western literature to focus on women's experiences and points of view in love relationships.

The Disenchantments of Love, published in Spain in 1647 by Maria de Zayas, is a stunning collection of stories about women's amorous experiences in a patriarchal and imperialistic society during the turbulent seventeenth century. Now available for th...(Read More)
Women Writing Women
Women Writing Women (February 1997)
An Anthology of Spanish-American Theater of the 1980s
Teresa Cajiao Salas - Editor
Margarita Vargas - Editor

This first anthology in English dedicated exclusively to Spanish-American women playwrights includes eight plays by award-winning authors who have received national and international acclaim.

While these playwrights articulate concerns similar to those of their male counterparts--social injustice, the question of identity, the role of art, the power of writing--their feminist perspectives offer a fresh view of Spanish America by challenging t...(Read More)
Structures of Power
Structures of Power (February 1996)
Essays on Twentieth-Century Spanish-American Fiction
Terry J. Peavler - Editor
Peter Standish - Editor

Explores the many faces of power as revealed in twentieth-century Spanish-American fiction.

The many faces of power--political, personal, authorial--as revealed in literature are explored in these essays by specialists on modern Spanish-American narrative. Contributors include Jose Carlos Gonzalez Boixo, Sara Castro-Klaren, Rosalia Cornejo-Parriego, Rosemary Geisdorfer Feal, David William Foster, Todd Garth, Sharon Magna...(Read More)
Jose Ortega y Gasset's Metaphysical Innovation
Jose Ortega y Gasset's Metaphysical Innovation (November 1994)
A Critique and Overcoming of Idealism
Antonio Rodriguez Huescar - Author
Jorge Garcia-Gomez - Editor/translator

"This book presents the main argument that Ortega y Gasset brought forth in his attempted renovation of Western philosophy. The radicality of Ortega's treatment of the Idealism/Realism issue makes it important for philosophy per se. It is one of the best, clearest and most penetrating presentation of Ortega in the English language. The writing is remarkable, the translation excellent." -- Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka, The World Institute for Advanced Phe...(Read More)
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