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Inventing Criminology
Inventing Criminology (March 1993)
Essays on the Rise of 'Homo Criminalis'
Piers Beirne - Author

This book traces the intellectual history of criminology, analyzing the influence of early classical European concepts of criminality and the development of positivist methodologies. It is an original and carefully researched work, adding significantly to our knowledge of the history of criminology. From Cesare Beccaria's Dei delitti e delle pene to Charles Goring's The English Convict , Beirne offers refreshing and challenging insig...(Read More)
Desire and Craving
Desire and Craving (October 1992)
A Cultural Theory of Alcoholism
Pertti Alasuutari - Author

"This work is an imaginative synthesis drawing on a number of disparate literatures and traditions of analysis. I think anyone who has worried about the disease concept of alcoholism will find much in it to chew over, and many novel insights. The book can be seen as the first book-length consideration of the cultural construction and culture-boundedness of alcoholism concepts, and thus is likely to be referenced for years to come.