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Forced Choices
Forced Choices (May 1999)
Class, Community, and Worker Ownership
Charles S. Varano - Author

2000 Distinguished Scholarship Award, Pacific Sociological Assocation

CHOICE 1999 Outstanding Academic Book

Examines the celebrated case of Weirton, West Virginia where steelworkers and area residents fought to save a steelmill, community, and way of life.

What happens to employees when their company decides to close? Thousands of workers across America have faced this ...(Read More)
Embroidering Lives
Embroidering Lives (March 1999)
Women's Work and Skill in the Lucknow Embroidery Industry
Clare M. Wilkinson-Weber - Author

This book offers insights into anthropology of work and women's studies.

Fusing aesthetic and economic analyses, Embroidering Lives investigates the lives and work of women in the chikan embroidery industry of Lucknow, India. Richly descriptive and accessibly written, the book explores many important issues in women's studies, anthropology, and urban development today--the impact of purdah (seclusion of women) upo...(Read More)
Managed Professionals
Managed Professionals (April 1998)
Unionized Faculty and Restructuring Academic Labor
Gary Rhoades - Author

"This book delineates the tensions between faculty and academic management more fully and deeply than any other study of which I am aware. It is particularly acute in depicting faculty stratification, the erosion of professional autonomy and the limits of collective bargaining. What I most appreciate in this book is its exploration of the tension inherent in the status of faculty as 'managed professionals'--I do not know of another book that ex...(Read More)
American Work Values
American Work Values (March 1997)
Their Origin and Development
Paul Bernstein - Author

Examines broad shifts in American work values from their Calvinist origins to present controversies involving work, welfare, and affirmative action.

American Work Values: Their Origin and Development
examines the broad shifts in American work values from their European origins to the present. It analyzes shifts from work as salvation to work as opportunity and alienation, and concludes with a more recent focus on self-fulfilling empl...(Read More)
Changing Work, Changing Workers
Changing Work, Changing Workers (March 1997)
Critical Perspectives on Language, Literacy, and Skills
Glynda Hull - Editor

This glimpse into factories, hospitals, other work settings, and work-related literacy programs, shows the massive changes in expectations for workers' "skills" in the twenty-first century, especially regarding language and literacy.
"The question of what workers need to know has become big business. The workplace education world--especially its language and literacy component--has been invaded by hucksters and opportunists of almost ever...(Read More)
Team Toyota
Team Toyota (October 1996)
Transplanting the Toyota Culture to the Camry Plant in Kentucky
Terry L. Besser - Author

Examines the Toyota team culture as a conceptual framework and uses it to discuss related topics, such as workplace injuries, the implications of alienating assembly workers, and the role of women.

"This is a very good organizational analysis of a Japanese transplant. The author exposes many of the problems involved in the lean production system and presents aspects that have, as yet, not been sufficiently analyzed. By d...(Read More)
Promotion and Tenure
Promotion and Tenure (July 1996)
Community and Socialization in Academe
William G. Tierney - Author
Estela Mara Bensimon - Author

Articulates salient problems of tenure-track faculty, especially women and faculty of color. Offers a new paradigm to delineate ways in which the academic community can help socialize younger faculty, and honor differences more readily.

“I think that this is one of the most interesting books on higher education that I have read in quite a while. It is also a good antidote to some of the negative books on higher edu...(Read More)
A Town Abandoned
A Town Abandoned (April 1996)
Flint, Michigan, Confronts Deindustrialization
Steven P. Dandaneau - Author

A cultural study of the Flint community's response to its own deindustrialization, within the framework of the state, national, and international forces that produced it.
"This work will remain as a major study of a decisive period in American industrial and business history. It is an in-depth examination of the response of the Flint, Michigan, community to its deindustrialization--and examines that response within the framework of statew...(Read More)
Conscience at War
Conscience at War (March 1996)
The Israeli Soldier as a Moral Critic
Ruth Linn - Author

An exploration of the moral and intellectual conflict of Israeli citizens who have resisted military service, and of how they justify their choices of action.

"Ruth Linn provides a fascinating account of conscientious objection in the Israeli army during the Lebanese war and the Intifada. Working from interviews with the 'refusers,' and quoting extensively, she probes for their motives and justifications and so provide...(Read More)
North American Auto Unions in Crisis
North American Auto Unions in Crisis (February 1996)
Lean Production as Contested Terrain
William C. Green - Editor
Ernest J. Yanarella - Editor

This edited volume provides the first comparative cross-national study of U.S. and Canadian Labor relations in Japanese North American auto transplants, Japanese joint ventures with the Big Three automakers, and Saturn, the Japanese-style GM auto plant.

In this edited volume, U.S. and Canadian political scientists, sociologists, and labor educators contribute to the debate of the crisis of the Fordist regime of mass pro...(Read More)
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