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Foreign Workers in Israel
Foreign Workers in Israel (January 2009)
Global Perspectives
Israel Drori - Author

Explores how the entry of migrant workers into Israel raises questions beyond just those of the labor market.

In this account of a social experiment gone awry, Israel Drori exposes a little-known and recent phenomenon: the importation of foreign workers from Third World economies to Israel. Focusing on Romanian, Thai, and Filipina migrants brought to Israel for specified periods of employmen...(Read More)
Deep History
Deep History (December 2006)
A Study in Social Evolution and Human Potential
David Laibman - Author

Blends insights from several disciplines to offer a general theory of social evolution.

Does history have a direction? Are there principles that unify our experience and show connections among diverse places, times, and cultures? Seeking to answer these questions, Deep History offers a fresh theory of social evolution while thinking grandly about the human condition. With his theory based in the Marxian and h...(Read More)
Racial Competition and Class Solidarity
Racial Competition and Class Solidarity (March 2006)
Terry Boswell - Author
Cliff Brown - Author
John Brueggemann - Author
T. Ralph Peters Jr. - Author

Looks at union organizing and strikes that were either strengthened by interracial cooperation or defeated by racial competition during the period between the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement.

It sometimes seems that racial conflict is an intractable impediment to class solidarity in the United States. Yet in a time of economic depression and overt racism, the unions of the CIO did, on a number of occasions, fo...(Read More)
Speculative Management
Speculative Management (March 2005)
Stock Market Power and Corporate Change
Daniel Krier - Author

Argues that recent initiatives by industrial management were directed more toward short-term gains than improving efficiency.

In this timely work, Dan Krier examines the relationship between two phenomena that dominated the economic scene in the late twentieth century: the rising power of financial markets and the restructuring of American industry. He argues that corporate governance was transformed during this period ...(Read More)
Workers and Narratives of Survival in Europe
Workers and Narratives of Survival in Europe (July 2004)
The Management of Precariousness at the End of the Twentieth Century
Angela Procoli - Editor

Chronicles the growing impact of job uncertainty on workers in Europe.

Workers and Narratives of Survival in Europe
explores the growing problem of job uncertainty in Europe at the end of the twentieth century. The management of professional precariousness is reconsidered against the backdrop of far-reaching social, economic, and political changes in Europe in recent decades, including: the instability of the traditional...(Read More)
Mill Girls and Strangers
Mill Girls and Strangers (October 2002)
Single Women's Independent Migration in England, Scotland, and the United States, 1850-1881
Wendy M. Gordon - Author

A comparative history of single women's independent migration to the textile cities of Preston, England; Lowell, Massachusetts; and Paisley, Scotland.

In the nineteenth-century mill towns of Preston, England; Lowell, Massachusetts; and Paisley, Scotland, there were specific demands for migrant and female labor, and potential employers provided the necessary respectable conditions in order to attract them. Using indiv...(Read More)
Working at the Margins
Working at the Margins (May 2001)
Moving off Welfare in America
Frances Julia Riemer - Author
Frederick Erickson - Foreword by

Uses case study narratives of marginalized adults in evaluating the move from welfare to work.

Working at the Margins describes and analyzes the move, from welfare rolls to paid employment, of adults who were marginalized from the mainstream by race, ethnicity, language, and economic status. Frances Julia Riemer utilizes ethnographic data gathered over two years from four workplaces that employed thirty seven f...(Read More)
Higher Goals
Higher Goals (August 2000)
Women's Ice Hockey and the Politics of Gender
Nancy Theberge - Author

Winner of the 2001 North American Society for the Sociology of Sport Book Award

Offers a fascinating ethnography of physicality and gender relations in women's team contact sports.

The most extensive treatment to date of women's experiences in team sports, Higher Goals provides an ethnographic account of the "Blades," a Canadian team that plays at the highest levels of wom...(Read More)
Constructing Boundaries
Constructing Boundaries (March 2000)
Jewish and Arab Workers in Mandatory Palestine
Deborah S. Bernstein - Author

An interdisciplinary study discussing the impact of the national crisis in Mandatory Palestine on relations between Jewish and Arab workers and their respective labor movements.

Constructing Boundaries examines the competition, interaction, and impact among Jewish and Arab workers in the labor market of Mandatory Palestine. It is both a labor market study, based on the Split Labor Market Theory, and a case study of the labor mar...(Read More)
Rethinking the Labor Process
Rethinking the Labor Process (September 1999)
Mark Wardell - Editor
Thomas L. Steiger - Editor
Peter Meiksins - Editor

This diverse collection rethinks and reinvigorates the field of labor process.

While paying tribute to Harry Braverman for launching the research field known as the labor process, this book neither eulogizes nor castigates his work. Rather, it takes stock of the field, showing its blend of qualitative and quantitative methodologies and revealing its diverse contributions to the sociology of work, organizations, and stra...(Read More)
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