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Much Sound and Fury, or the New Jim Crow?
Much Sound and Fury, or the New Jim Crow? (January 2022)
The Twenty-First Century's Restrictive New Voting Laws and Their Impact
Michael A. Smith - Editor

Intensive look at restrictive new voting laws ostensibly designed to target voter fraud but criticized as being racially-based voter suppression.

Since 2003, several US states have passed new laws that complicate the process of voter registration and voting. Framed as controls on voter fraud, the laws have spawned controversy in both the courts and public opinion, the latter fallin...(Read More)
The Changing Role of the American Prosecutor
The Changing Role of the American Prosecutor (October 2008)
John Worrall - Editor
M. Elaine Nugent-Borakove - Editor

Looks at how prosecution of offenders is evolving in the contemporary legal milieu.

Leading prosecution researchers throughout the United States are brought together in this book to illuminate the new environment of prosecution in America, the prosecution of troubling and emerging crime problems, prosecutorial problem-solving and community prosecution, and the future of prosecution in the t...(Read More)

Governing Hate and Race in the United States and South Africa
Governing Hate and Race in the United States and South Africa (August 2008)
Patrick Lynn Rivers - Author

Argues that the responsibility for eradicating racial hatred has been redirected away from the state and toward the hated, leaving the causes of hate unaddressed.

In this book, Patrick Lynn Rivers asserts that states govern racist hate by governing racial constructs. Rivers maintains that state practices used to govern hate and race in both the United States and South Africa do not make citizens safer, even as ...(Read More)

The Contexts of Juvenile Justice Decision Making
The Contexts of Juvenile Justice Decision Making (August 2003)
When Race Matters
Michael J. Leiber - Author

Explores the contexts of judges' decision making in juvenile courts that incarcerate disproportionately more minorities than whites.

An in-depth examination of the contextual nature of decision making and the causes of disproportionate minority confinement in four relatively homogenous juvenile courts in Iowa, this book explores the subjective social psychological processes of juvenile court officers and the factors that...(Read More)
Social Worlds of Sentencing
Social Worlds of Sentencing (July 1997)
Court Communities Under Sentencing Guidelines
Jeffery T. Ulmer - Author

Combines quantitative and qualitative data in a careful investigation of sentencing processes and context under Pennsylvania's sentencing guidelines.

Many states and the federal system have embraced sentencing guidelines as a mechanism of sentencing reform. This book draws from interactionist theories of organizations, and James Eisenstein's depiction of courts as communities, to frame an investigation of sentencing disparity, case pro...(Read More)
Simple Theory, Hard Reality
Simple Theory, Hard Reality (August 1995)
The Impact of Sentencing Reforms on Courts, Prisons, and Crime
Tamasak Wicharaya - Author

This book evaluates the impact of tough sentencing reforms on the courts, prisons, and crime. It also unpacks the resulting policy implications.
This book analyzes the origins, contemporary trends, and consequences of sentencing reforms in the United States. It explores and clarifies the principles, current practices, and implementation problems of "get tough on crime" legislation that has been America's most predominant response to crim...(Read More)
Crime and its Social Context
Crime and its Social Context (July 1994)
Toward an Integrated Theory of Offenders, Victims, and Situations
Terance D. Miethe - Author
Robert F. Meier - Author

Theories of criminality and theories of victimization have traditionally been discussed as though they bore no relationship to one another. Yet, a complete explanation for crime must examine both the decision to engage in crime by an offender and the everyday actions of ordinary citizens that increase vulnerability to criminals. The integration of these approaches yields testable models that have greater predictive power than could be obtained by lo...(Read More)
A Profile of Correctional Effectiveness and New Directions for Research
A Profile of Correctional Effectiveness and New Directions for Research (April 1994)
Ted Palmer - Author

"Moving from his remarkable book, The Re-emergence of Correctional Intervention, Palmer has provided the most valuable analysis of treatment effectiveness research available to date. Palmer is brilliant and his work deserves to be read widely." -- Phil Harris, Temple University

This book summarizes and integrates a vast body of previously unintegrated research regarding the effectiveness of correctional intervention, which emphasizes t...(Read More)
Political Literacy
Political Literacy (February 1994)
Rhetoric, Ideology, and the Possibility of Justice
Fredric G. Gale - Author

Political Literacy confronts and responds to the question: What is required of the citizens of a democracy to ensure their individual and social rights? Exploring the rhetoric of legal interpretation, this book answers that citizens must be so educated as to have an intellectual awareness of the inherently rhetorical nature of language.

Political Literacy
explodes the myth that justice is delivered in the measured, seemingly di...(Read More)
Inventing Criminology
Inventing Criminology (March 1993)
Essays on the Rise of 'Homo Criminalis'
Piers Beirne - Author

This book traces the intellectual history of criminology, analyzing the influence of early classical European concepts of criminality and the development of positivist methodologies. It is an original and carefully researched work, adding significantly to our knowledge of the history of criminology. From Cesare Beccaria's Dei delitti e delle pene to Charles Goring's The English Convict , Beirne offers refreshing and challenging insig...(Read More)
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