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Living Forms
Living Forms (October 2002)
Romantics and the Monumental Figure
Bruce Haley - Author

Examines Romantic poets’ and essayists’ fascination with the human form.

Based on years of archival research in various British and American libraries, Living Forms examines the early nineteenth century’s fascination with representations of the human form, particularly those from the past, which, having no adequate verbal explanatory text, are vulnerable to having their meanings erased by time. Th...(Read More)
The Christian Wordsworth, 1798-1805
The Christian Wordsworth, 1798-1805 (October 2001)
William A. Ulmer - Author

Traces the evolution of Wordsworth's religious attitudes from his revisions of The Ruined Cottage to the completion of The Prelude.

Recent scholarship on the British Romantic poet William Wordsworth usually depicts him as a secular humanist during the years of his creative ascendancy. In The Christian Wordsworth, 1798–1805, William A. Ulmer challenges this consensus by arguing that Wordsworth n...(Read More)
Rebellious Hearts
Rebellious Hearts (June 2001)
British Women Writers and the French Revolution
Adriana Craciun - Editor
Kari E. Lokke - Editor

Examines the full spectrum of women's participation in the social, economic, religious, and poetic debates surrounding the French Revolution.

This pathbreaking collection engages in the important new work of rediscovering the hundreds of British women writing during the Romantic period, women who we now realize were central, not marginal, to the poetics and ideologies of Romanticism. Yet no previous volume has fo...(Read More)
On the Study of Greek Poetry
On the Study of Greek Poetry (January 2001)
Friedrich Schlegel - Author
Stuart Barnett - Editor, translator and introduction by

Available for the first time in English, this study offers insights into the genesis of German Romanticism.

While ostensibly an examination of classical Greek poetry, Friedrich Schlegel's On the Study of Greek Poetry is a signal document in the development of German Romantic aesthetics. In it, Schlegel outlines the development of classical and post-classical cultures, showing clearly that an entirely new mode of c...(Read More)
An Episode of Jewish Romanticism
An Episode of Jewish Romanticism (September 1999)
Franz Rosenzweig's The Star of Redemption
Ernest H. Rubinstein - Author

Assesses the impact of romanticism on the thought of Jewish philosopher Franz Rosenzweig.

Examining romanticism in the thought of Jewish philosopher, Franz Rosenzweig, this book compares his magnum opus, The Star of Redemption, with Leo Baeck's essay, "Romantic Religion," and Friedrich Schelling's Philosophy of Art, texts representing two distinct and, to a large extent, opposed interpretations of romanti...(Read More)
Romanticism, Lyricism, and History
Romanticism, Lyricism, and History (May 1999)
Sarah M. Zimmerman - Author

Argues against the persistent view of Romantic lyricism as inherently introspective by relating the poems of William Wordsworth, John Clare, and Charlotte Smith, as well as the letters and prose works of Dorothy Wordsworth, to their historical and literary contexts.
"This study offers a much needed revisiting of the problem of the Romantic lyric, its historical and its critical place, and how the addition of women and working-class writer...(Read More)
Shelley's Mirrors of Love
Shelley's Mirrors of Love (November 1998)
Narcissism, Sacrifice, and Sorority
Teddi Chichester Bonca - Author

"This book gives new insights on the relation of Shelley to the whole area of gender and many related issues. It analyzes more thoroughly than have previous works his identification with the feminine and comes thereby to new interpretations or new understanding of what is going on in the poetry. I'm particularly struck by what the author notes about Shelley's identification with Jesus, a feminine Jesus, and with her discussion, more generally, of hi...(Read More)
Cultural Interactions in the Romantic Age
Cultural Interactions in the Romantic Age (February 1998)
Critical Essays in Comparative Literature
Gregory Maertz - Editor

Charts the interactive contours of European culture of the late eighteenth to mid-nineteenth centuries, extending the chronological limits of Romanticism by identifying fresh links among works, authors, contexts, and institutions across national and linguistic borders.

"This book lucidly brings out how the complex cultural matrix of Romantic Europe formed the backdrop for an extraordinary variety of critical negotiation...(Read More)
Bodies at Risk
Bodies at Risk (January 1998)
Unsafe Limits in Romanticism and Postmodernism
Robert Burns Neveldine - Author

Taking a post-psychoanalytic, queer-theoretical approach, this book links philosophical and aesthetic issues in two distinct periods through the examination of a variety of imaginative texts, from canonical poetry and fiction to avant-garde music and film.

Taking a fundamentally post-psychoanalytical approach, Bodies at Risk links philosophical and aesthetic issues in two distinct periods, with postmodernism cont...(Read More)
The Possibilities of Society
The Possibilities of Society (June 1997)
Wordsworth, Coleridge, and the Sociological Viewpoint of English Romanticism
Regina Hewitt - Author

Approaches English Romanticism through sociological theory, arguing that Wordsworth and Coleridge tested hypotheses about social organization and action in their poetry. Offers a timely reevaluation of the Romantic poets as socially engaged thinkers.

This innovative book revises many standard assumptions in both literary and sociological fields. Approaching English Romanticism through sociological theory, Hewitt argues t...(Read More)
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