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History as Apocalypse
History as Apocalypse (June 1985)
Thomas J. J. Altizer - Author

History as Apocalypse is a reenactment of the history of the Western consciousness from the Homeric and Biblica revolutions through Finnegans Wake. This occurs through a historical, literary, and theological analysis of the Christian epic tradition. While attention is focused primarily upon Dante, Milton, Blake, and Joyce, the Classical and Biblical foundations of the Christian epic are explored with the intention of discovering an o...(Read More)
Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science
Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science (June 1984)
Stanislav Grof - Editor

Recent advances in a variety of scientific disciplines have revealed the limitations of the Newtonian-Cartesian model of the universe. One of the interesting aspects of this development is the increasing convergence of science and the "perennial philosophy." The new research has led to a critical revaluation of ancient spiritual systems long ignored or rejected because of their assumed incompatibility with science.
Here are Swami Muktananda on ...(Read More)
Muslim-Christian Relations and Inter-Christian Rivalries in the Middle East
Muslim-Christian Relations and Inter-Christian Rivalries in the Middle East (June 1984)
The Case of the Jacobites in an Age of Transition
John Joseph - Author

This study focuses on the Jacobites (Syrian Orthodox Christians), who, like their Aramaean ancestors, established a presence far beyond their ancestral lands. Professor John Joseph has found this historic Christian community to be an admirable case study in inter-communal relations in the Middle East. Of special interest is the discussion of how Western religious rivalries, Catholic and Protestant, have affected the religious tensions in the Middl...(Read More)
Religion as Art
Religion as Art (June 1981)
An Interpretation
Thomas R. Martland - Author

Religion in its most authentic part is an art form. Religion does what art does. This idea is richly illustrated and supported by materials of diverse origin. The vast range of the author's experience in the arts and in religious texts and works of aesthetics allows him to lay hold of a great mass of disparate material and to bring out new dimensions in all of it. He always has just the example he needs at his fingertips, a Tibetan Buddhist text nex...(Read More)
Saint Thomas Aquinas on the Existence of God
Saint Thomas Aquinas on the Existence of God (June 1980)
The Collected Papers of Joseph Owens
Joseph Owens - Author
John R. Catan - Editor

This book puts before the reader a succinct and philosophically valid interpretation of St. Thomas Aquinas’ arguments for the existence of God by a modern, historically grounded interpreter of his thought. Father Joseph Owens is well known for the exacting care with which he prepares his articles and the solid scholarly apparatus with which he supports them. His knowledge of Greek, Latin, Aristotelian, as well as the Thomistic corpus is ...(Read More)
The Early Temples of the Mormons
The Early Temples of the Mormons (June 1978)
The Architecture of the Millenial Kingdom in the American West
Laurel B. Andrew - Author

This book is a study of the six temples which the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints constructed in the nineteenth century. Though sharing the characteristics of various revival styles, the buildings demonstrate a progressive modification of these styles so as to express the functions of the temples and to reflect the theology and politics of the Mormons.

The four temples in Utah, designed by the ch...(Read More)
Humanism and the Church Fathers
Humanism and the Church Fathers (June 1977)
Ambrogio Traversari (1386-1439) and the Revival of Patristic Theology in the Early Italian Renaissance
Charles L. Stinger - Author

This study of the foremost patristic scholar in 15th-century Florence is based almost exclusively on manuscript letters and incunabula in Greek, Latin, and Italian. The influence of the revival of patristic studies on the meaning and purpose of Renaissance learning emerges as one of the original considerations in this book which should be of interest to humanists, generally, but also to art historians, intellectual history researchers, theol...(Read More)
God as Form
God as Form (June 1976)
Essays in Greek Theology with Special Reference to Christianity and the Contemporary Theological Predicament
Curtis Bennett - Author

Essays in the theology of poetry, with special reference to the contemporary theological predicament.

In God as Form, Curtis Bennett discusses the nature of godhead, the function of image for art and religion expressive of its instinctive functioning in dream imagery, the radical distinction between the Greek and Christian views of incarnation, Xenophanes’ disclaimer of the Greek human forms for di...(Read More)
The Making of Mission Communities in East Africa
The Making of Mission Communities in East Africa (June 1976)
Anglicans and Africans in Colonial Kenya, 1875–1935
Robert W. Strayer - Author

The Making of Mission Communities in East Africa calls into question a number of common assumptions about the encounter between European missionaries and African societies in colonial Kenya.

The book explores the origins of those communities associated with the Anglican Church Missionary Society from 1875 to 1935, examines the development within them of a “mission culture,” probes their internal con...(Read More)
Those Elegant Decorums
Those Elegant Decorums (June 1973)
The Concept of Propriety in Jane Austen's Novels
Jane Nardin - Author

Analyzes the way in which Austen blends ironic criticism with moral affirmation through her complex and little-understood management of the narrative point of view.

In Those Elegant Decorums Professor Nardin differs from the many critics who feel that Jane Austen's irony and her morality contradict each other. She analyzes the way in which Jane Austen blends ironic criticism with moral affirmation thro...(Read More)
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