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Studies in Religious Fundamentalism
Studies in Religious Fundamentalism (January 1988)
Lionel Caplan - Editor

This book examines the specific circumstances that nurture fundamentalist beliefs and practices. It studies contemporary fundamentalist developments in several continents, involving groups associated with five major religions. The authors answer important questions regarding the 'rationality'of fundamentalism, its complex link with modernism, the nature of its relationship to a sacred text, and its perspectives on history and knowledge.

N...(Read More)
The Mystical Experience in Abraham Abulafia
The Mystical Experience in Abraham Abulafia (December 1987)
Moshe Idel - Author

This book represents the first wide-scale presentation of a major Jewish mystic, the founder of the ecstatic Kabbalah. It includes a description of the techniques employed by his master, including the role of music. There is a discussion of the characteristics of his mystical experience and the erotic imagery by which it was expressed. Based on all the extant manuscript material of Abulafia, this book opens the way to a new understanding of Jewish m...(Read More)
Modern Indian Responses to Religious Pluralism
Modern Indian Responses to Religious Pluralism (November 1987)
Harold Coward - Editor

The study of modern Indian responses to the challenge of pluralism reveals the outcome of 2500 years of experience in this "living laboratory" of religious encounter, and offers wisdom to the modern West in its relatively recent encounter with this challenge. A remarkable team of scholars joins forces in this book to examine how religious pluralism actually functions in India. It focuses on both the responses from within Hinduism and of other reli...(Read More)
Religion and Radical Empiricism
Religion and Radical Empiricism (July 1987)
Nancy K. Frankenberry - Author

"Frankenberry offers for the first time a tough, sophisticated, and comprehensive discussion of the relation of radical empiricism to the history of philosophy."-- William Dean

Rarely in modern times has religion been associated with empiricism except to its own peril. This book represents a comprehensive and systematic effort to retrieve and develop the tradition of American religious empiricism for religious inqui...(Read More)
Urdu Letters of Mirza Asadu'llah Khan Ghalib
Urdu Letters of Mirza Asadu'llah Khan Ghalib (July 1987)
Daud Rahbar - Translator

Mirza Asadu'llah Khan Ghalib was the brightest luminary of his time in the South Asian, Muslim literary community. A poet in Urdu and Persian, he was endowed with exquisite imagination, sparkling wit, and a charming presence. Ghalib was a brilliant conversationalist, skilled in the art of human relations. In the last twenty years of his life, the political conditions of northern India caused the death or dispersion of many of his best friends. He sa...(Read More)
Women in World Religions
Women in World Religions (April 1987)
Arvind Sharma - Editor
Katherine K. Young - Introduction

This is a book by women about women in the religions of the world. It presents all the basic facts and ideological issues concerning the position of women in the major religious traditions of humanity: Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Taoism, and tribal religions.

A special feature of the book is its phenomenological approach, wherein scholars examine sacred textual materials. Each contributor not only studies h...(Read More)
Religion and the Western Mind
Religion and the Western Mind (March 1987)
Ninian Smart - Author

Ninian Smart believes that the modern study of religion should occur in the context of a radical reappraisal of our educational system. This is a worldview analysis of religion appropriate to today's global city. It attacks narrowness whether found in Western philosophy or Christian theology, and argues for a disestablishmentarian stance.

Religion and the Western Mind presents the explosive possibilities of religions ...(Read More)
Religion and Culture
Religion and Culture (January 1987)
Essays in Honor of Bernard Lonergan, S. J.
Timothy P. Fallon, SJ - Editor
Philip Boo Riley - Editor

While the framework of this book is Lonergan, the essays stand as original and constructive works in a number of fields and topics. The theme of the relation of religion to culture is addressed from four orientations: philosophy, theology, human science, and economics. The contributors include Stephen Toulmin, Frederick Crowe, S.J., Sebastian Moore, Walter Conn, and William Johnston, S.J. Topics covered include process thought, historical-mi...(Read More)
The Sermon on the Mount
The Sermon on the Mount (January 1987)
Carl G. Vaught - Author

This book focuses on the Sermon on the Mount as the locus classicus of the teachings of Jesus. It argues that the Sermon is an expression of the divine perfection in which it is grounded. The center of the book is the injunction contained at the center of the sermon itself--"Be perfect as your father in heaven is perfect."
Perfection of this kind is a human response to a divine gift. Consequently, all the Beatitudes and obedience to all the et...(Read More)
Karma and Rebirth
Karma and Rebirth (May 1986)
Post Classical Developments
Ronald W. Neufeldt - Editor

"This book fills an essential gap in our understanding of karma, particularly through chapters covering Japan, China, and Tibet. This material is fascinating and adds an entirely new dimension to the classical theory of karma as it developed in India." -- Wendy D. O'Flaherty

Karma and Rebirth: Post Classical Developments explains the religious concepts most central to Asian philosophy, religion, and society, presenting articles repre...(Read More)
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