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The Goddesses' Mirror
The Goddesses' Mirror (December 1988)
Visions of the Divine from East and West
David Kinsley - Author

In this book, you can see how the divine has been perceived in feminine form. Here are ten of the best known goddesses from a variety of cultures -- East and West, past and present. A wide range is presented, from the fierce Durga, to the gentle, but firm, Sita; from the erotic goddeses Inanna and Aphrodite, to the chaste figures of Mary and Athena; from goddesses closely associated with material wealth such as Laksmi, to ethereal goddesses such a...(Read More)
History Making History
History Making History (November 1988)
The New Historicism in American Religious Thought
William Dean - Author

This book recognizes that the postmodern "new historicism" leads to a value-neutral relativism and leaves theology with an impossible choice. Dean argues that the postmodern challenge is incoherent and ineffective unless it is reinterpreted in terms of its classical American roots. Before offering a third option, Dean defends the neopragmatism of Richard Rorty, Richard Bernstein, Nelson Goodman, Hilary Putnam, Cornel West, and Jeffrey Stout; the d...(Read More)
Shi'ism (September 1988)
Doctrines, Thought, and Spirituality
Seyyed Hossein Nasr - Edited, annotated and introduction
Hamid Dabashi - Edited, annotated and introduction
Seyyed Vali Reza Nasr - Edited, annotated and introduction

This is an anthology of the most significant writing on the doctrinal, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions of Shicism. The works included here foster an interpretive understanding of Shicism in its dogmatic and cognitive aspects.

The intent of this book is to balance the attention that has been focused on the political aspect of Shicism. Shicism is often seen, not only as an essentially political phenomenon, but as a creed of violence. ...(Read More)
Mantra (August 1988)
Harvey P. Alper - Editor

This book explicates the origin, nature, function, and significance of mantras within the bounds of the Hindu tradition. It explores the use of mantras in the Vedic age, in Saivism and Vaisnavism, in Tantra, and in Ayurvedic medicine.

"This is the single best effort to date on the whole issue of mantra." --Paul R. Courtright, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

"I know...(Read More)
Recreating Utopia in the Desert
Recreating Utopia in the Desert (July 1988)
A Sectarian Challenge to Modern Mormonism
Hans A. Baer - Author

"It is a tastefully written examination of a religious sect. The work illuminates much about the development of American religious sects generally in the process of dealing with this one." -- Armand L. Mauss, Washington State University

Recreating Utopia in the Desert: A Sectarian Challenge to Modern Mormonism is the account of a millenarian sect, officially known as the Aaronic Order, one of the main splinter groups of the Mormon C...(Read More)
Studies in Ecstatic Kabbalah
Studies in Ecstatic Kabbalah (July 1988)
Moshe Idel - Author

This book presents important topics regarding the more mystical trend of Kabbalah--the ecstatic Kabbalah. It includes the mystical union, the world of imagination, and concentration as a spiritual technique. The emphasis in the text is on the interaction between the "original" Spanish stage of Kabbalah and Muslim mysticism in the East, mainly in the Galilee. The influence of the Kabbalistic-Sufic synthesis on the later developments of Jewish myst...(Read More)
Rethinking Scripture
Rethinking Scripture (July 1988)
Essays from a Comparative Perspective
Miriam Levering - Editor

Exploring the nature of texts, this book explains how scriptures function within religions. Topics covered include the oral dimensions of scripture, canon formation, a study of the word in Hindu life, and the role of text in Buddhism.

"The essays succeed in challenging our set ideas about what sacred texts are and how they function. It provokes us to think in terms outside our Judeo-Christian view. Many books deal with the nature of sacred te...(Read More)
Concise Ramayana of Valmiki
Concise Ramayana of Valmiki (May 1988)
Swami Venkatesananda - Author

This is a condensed version of a long epic, written between 750 and 500 B.C., consisting of 50,000 lines of Sanskrit verse. Divided into seven Kanor books, it tells the story of Rama from his birth to his death. At regular intervals throughout the text, the chapters being condensed are designated by Kantitles and numbers. Each interval is appropriate in length for a daily reading, and there are 365 intervals.

The cast of characters is prov...(Read More)
Inner Experience
Inner Experience (April 1988)
Georges Bataille - Author
Leslie Anne Boldt-Irons - Translation and introduction by

"English readers will now be able to appreciate what many consider Bataille's finest work, undoubtedly one of the outstanding texts of modern French writing, just as they will be able to fill a major gap in the history of post-structuralist thought. Whereas Bataille may be the acknowledged forefather of such figures as Barthes, Foucault, and Derrida, this centrality is often not appreciated by American admirers of the latter."
-- Michele Richman...(Read More)
A Living Tree
A Living Tree (January 1988)
The Roots and Growth of Jewish Law
Elliot N. Dorff - Author
Arthur Rossett - Author

This book examines biblical and rabbinic law as a coherent, continuing legal tradition. It explains the relationship between religion and law and the interaction between law and morality. Abundant selections from primary Jewish sources, many newly translated, enable the reader to address the tradition directly as a living body of law with emphasis on the concerns that are primary for lawyers, legislators, and judges. Through an in-depth examinati...(Read More)
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