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Virginal Sexuality and Textuality in Victorian Literature
Virginal Sexuality and Textuality in Victorian Literature (January 1993)
Lloyd Davis - Editor

This book examines the figure of the virgin, a symbol central to many aspects of society and sexuality in nineteenth-century England, and its effects on the Victorian literary imagination. Studying the virgin as a social, sexual, and literary phenomenon, the volume contributes to current critical accounts of the relations among the body and language, gender, and discourse.

These essays explore the ways in which virginity is ...(Read More)
Lesbian Teachers
Lesbian Teachers (November 1992)
An Invisible Presence
Madiha Didi Khayatt - Author

Teachers, in general, are hired to conform with set values of the community which hires them. They are expected to reflect conventions which correspond with an ideological model of behavior sanctioned by the state and by the community in which they work. In a publicly funded educational system, not only are teachers expected to transmit dominant ideologies, but, as representatives of the state, they are assumed to embody the dominant values of the...(Read More)
Sex Equity and Sexuality in Education
Sex Equity and Sexuality in Education (August 1992)
Susan Shurberg Klein - Editor

Neither sex equity nor sexuality are new topics to educators, but little attention has been given to their combination. This book identifies critical issues that researchers, reformers, and educators have failed to address publicly. The authors show that it is necessary for educators to increase their understanding of ways that sex education can be sex equitable and ways that sexuality contributes to sex inequities in general education.

The...(Read More)
Constructing and Reconstructing Gender
Constructing and Reconstructing Gender (July 1992)
The Links Among Communication, Language, and Gender
Linda A. M. Perry - Editor
Lynn H. Turner - Editor
Helen M. Sterk - Editor

Constructing and Reconstructing Gender is an excellent compendium of current research, and will be appealing and useful to those interested in gender issues in a wide variety of disciplines. This book cuts across disciplines and scholarly methods, drawing from many backgrounds, including Communication, Linguistics, English, Business, Law, and Psychology. The interweaving of rhetorical, critical, phenomenological, and statistical methods gi...(Read More)
On Our Own Terms
On Our Own Terms (July 1992)
Redefining Competence and Femininity
Maggie Mulqueen - Author

By redefining current theories of competence motivation and sex-role identity, this work offers a powerful reconceptualiztion of what it means to be a competent woman in today's society. Analyses of case studies of competent women lead to a new theory that enables women to attain positive self-esteem based on internally desired and determined criteria. This new theory challenges prevailing theories of competence motivation and sex-role identity d...(Read More)
Physical Appearance and Gender
Physical Appearance and Gender (February 1992)
Sociobiological and Sociocultural Perspectives
Linda A. Jackson - Author

"This work is a much needed addition to the literature on the psychology of women. As an instructor of courses in psychology of women, sex and gender, as well as the introduction to women's studies, I have spent a considerable amount of class time discussing feminist analyses of beauty and physical attractiveness. There hasn't been, to date, a text I believed I could use to supplement the material--until Dr. Jackson's. The book is well-conceptual...(Read More)
Academic and Workplace Sexual Harassment
Academic and Workplace Sexual Harassment (November 1991)
A Resource Manual
Michele A. Paludi - Author
Richard B. Barickman - Author

This book represents the first comprehensive resource manual for understanding and preventing sexual harassment in the academic community and in the workplace.

Studies indicate that sexual harassment is at epidemic proportions in the academy and in the workplace: from 30%-70% of women in U.S. colleges and universities experience some form of sexual harassment (including sexual assaults) each year; a University of Massachusetts study reports...(Read More)
From Surviving to Thriving
From Surviving to Thriving (July 1991)
Incest, Feminism, and Recovery
Christine Dinsmore - Author

"This book will be of great value to any survivor of incest. Equally important, Christine Dinsmore teaches the rest of us--therapists, family members, and friends--how to be helpful to the survivor who takes on the task of ending the secrecy, recovering memories, and experiencing feelings. Dinsmore points out that the recovery process is unique for each survivor. You won't find any pat formulas here. Instead, the reader is left with a sensitivit...(Read More)
Ivory Power
Ivory Power (January 1991)
Sexual Harassment on Campus
Michele A. Paludi - Editor

Current estimates suggest that at least 30% of all undergraduate women experience sexual harassment by at least one professor during their four years in college. When definitions of sexual harassment include gender harassment (sexist comments and behavior), the incidence is 70%. The frequency of graduate women and women faculty and administrators who are harassed is even higher. Ivory Power discusses current research and theory on sexual h...(Read More)
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