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Overcoming Modernity
Overcoming Modernity (June 2008)
Synchronicity and Image-Thinking
Yasuo Yuasa - Author
Shigenori Nagatomo - Translation and introduction by
John W. M. Krummel - Translator

These last writings by Japanese philosopher Yuasa engage both Western and Eastern thought to reconsider modernity and offer an alternative, more holistic paradigm.

In Overcoming Modernity, which contains the last writings from Yuasa, the prominent Japanese scholar reconsiders the modern Western paradigm of thinking and in its place proposes a more holistic worldview. A wide range of topics are examined,...(Read More)
Integral Psychology
Integral Psychology (April 2007)
Yoga, Growth, and Opening the Heart
Brant Cortright - Author

A bold new view of the human psyche, integrating Eastern and Western approaches.

Integral Psychology connects Eastern and Western approaches to psychology and healing. Psychology in the East has focused on our inner being and spiritual foundation of the psyche. Psychology in the West has focused on our outer being and the wounding of the body-heart-mind and self. Each requires the other to complete it, and ...(Read More)
Dreaming and the Self
Dreaming and the Self (July 2003)
New Perspectives on Subjectivity, Identity, and Emotion
Jeannette Marie Mageo - Editor

Anthropological perspectives on dreams around the world.

Drawing upon original fieldwork, cultural theory, and psychological research, Dreaming and the Self offers new approaches to the self—particularly to subjectivity, identity, and emotion. Through an investigation of dreams in various cultures, the contributors explore how people as subjects actually experience cultural life, how they forge identities ...(Read More)
Encountering Buddhism
Encountering Buddhism (May 2003)
Western Psychology and Buddhist Teachings
Seth Robert Segall - Editor

Practicing psychologists explore the mutual impact of Buddhist teachings and psychology in their lives and practice.

Creatively exploring the points of confluence and conflict between Western psychology and Buddhist teachings, various scholars, researchers, and therapists struggle to integrate their diverse psychological orientations—psychoanalytic, humanistic, cognitive-behavioral, transpersonal—with their div...(Read More)
Israel on the Couch
Israel on the Couch (January 2003)
The Psychology of the Peace Process
Ofer Grosbard - Author
Vamik D. Volkan - Foreword by

Applies clinical pyschology to explain the dynamics of the Middle East peace process.

By applying a clinical psychologist's insight into the Israeli-Arab conflict, Ofer Grosbard lays the foundation for a new theory and practice that espouses the use of clinical tools to promote relations between countries, religions, political parties, cultures, and different identities.

“His book is a welc...(Read More)
A Postmodern Psychology of Asian Americans
A Postmodern Psychology of Asian Americans (February 2002)
Creating Knowledge of a Racial Minority
Laura Uba - Author

Challenges existing paradigms of knowledge as they relate to Asian Americans.

Focusing on race, culture, acculturation, ethnicity, and ethnic identity—concepts commonly used to account for the behaviors of Asian Americans and other minorities—A Postmodern Psychology of Asian Americans examines the effects of modern psychology’s epistemological and ontological premises on its investigative methods a...(Read More)
Extraordinary Dreams and How to Work with Them
Extraordinary Dreams and How to Work with Them (January 2002)
Stanley Krippner - Author
Fariba Bogzaran - Author
Andre Percia de Carvalho - Author

Discusses extraordinary dreams and offers suggestions for interpreting and appreciating your own extraordinary dreams.

From visions of a past life to glimpses of the future, history is full of accounts of unusual dreams. This fascinating book explores historical, scientific, and cross-cultural research on these sorts of extraordinary dreams, and offers practical suggestions on how to work with them—either individ...(Read More)
Adolescent Development and Rapid Social Change
Adolescent Development and Rapid Social Change (March 2000)
Perspectives from Eastern Europe
Judith L. Van Hoorn - Author
Akos Komlosi - Author
Elzbieta Suchar - Author
Doreen A. Samelson - Author

Hungarian and Polish adolescents discuss the recent social, political, and economic transitions in their countries and how these events have impacted their communities, homes, and personal lives.

In times of dramatic social changes, adolescents are the last children of the old system and the first adults of the new. The Hungarian and Polish adolescents documented in this book can be considered the omega-alpha generation of the great so...(Read More)
Gambling, Game, and Psyche
Gambling, Game, and Psyche (December 1999)
Bettina L. Knapp - Author

The fate of the hero-gambler, as described by Dostoevsky, Balzac, Poe, and others, is the focus of this unprecedented exploration of gambling and the human psyche.

Bettina Knapp adds a new spin on the study of gambling as she explores both sides of the cointhe rush and thrill of risk taking versus the depression and defeat of losing. In a unique Jungian approach, Knapp probes the universal and eternal ...(Read More)
Sexual Harassment on College Campuses
Sexual Harassment on College Campuses (March 1996)
Abusing the Ivory Power
Michele A. Paludi - Editor

An updated and expanded revision of the first edition, which received the Gustavus Myers Center Award for an outstanding book on Human Rights in the United States. Intended for administrators and faculty, it is also a resource book for individuals wanting to make changes in their campus' policy and procedures with regard to sexual harassment.

"Sexual harassment is an important issue which we can, and hopefully will, deal...(Read More)
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