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Deception (December 1985)
Perspectives on Human and Nonhuman Deceit
Robert W. Mitchell - Editor
Nicholas S. Thompson - Editor

Mitchell and Thompson have compiled the first interdisciplinary study of deception and its manifestations in a variety of animal species. Deception is unique in that it presents detailed explorations of the broadest array of deceptive behavior, ranging from deceptive signaling in fireflies and stomatopods, to false-alarm calling by birds and foxes, to playful manipulating between people and dogs, to deceiving within intimate human relationsh...(Read More)
Self-Esteem and Meaning
Self-Esteem and Meaning (June 1985)
A Life Historical Investigation
Michael R. Jackson - Author

Self-esteem. Not only does it affect our identity and values, but also our feelings and actions in a variety of circumstances. Yet, after years of investigation, little of practical value has been learned about its nature.

Self-Esteem and Meaning brings a new approach to the study of self-esteem. It presents case studies based on extended interviews with middle- and working-class individuals. Weaving together the subjects' frank a...(Read More)
Careers in Theory and Experience
Careers in Theory and Experience (June 1983)
A Twenty-Year Longitudinal Study
Warren D. Gribbons - Editor
Paul R. Lohnes - Editor

This book tells what happens in terms of career development during the 20 years following the 8th grade. The first 20-year longitudinal study of career development in America in the post-World War II period to have reached publication stage, it is also the only such study that includes women in its sample. The research was designed to test the best theoretical formulations available. Its findings provide clear and convincing tests of exisitng dev...(Read More)
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