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The Sense of Vocation
The Sense of Vocation (July 1990)
A Study of Career and Life Development
Larry Cochran - Author

Larry Cochran examines the meaning of a sense of vocation as it is lived over the course of a life. By studying more than twenty autobiographies of people who clearly had a mission in life, the author identifies commonalities and weaves them into a general story or plot. The common story involves a detailed description of four phases of life from childhood through old age. It illustrates how a significant form that unifies desire arises in youth,...(Read More)
Exploring/Teaching the Psychology of Women
Exploring/Teaching the Psychology of Women (March 1990)
A Manual of Resources
Michele A. Paludi - Author

The first of its kind, this manual presents educational approaches and processes which reflect feminist principles for teachers and leaders of courses and workshops in the psychology of women. Sample syllabi, outlines, references, lists of audio-visual material, organizations, discussion questions, and experiential exercises reflect the content areas typically covered in these courses: achievement, sexuality, health, adjustment, psychotherapy, co...(Read More)
Entering the Circle
Entering the Circle (July 1989)
Hermeneutic Investigation in Psychology
Martin J. Packer - Editor
Richard B. Addison - Editor

"This book presents under one cover some of the best or most developed examples of interpretive investigation to date. It also does a solid job of proving the theory and rationale for this type of inquiry and analysis, but most importantly it collects superior and exemplary instances of it for researchers, students, and teachers. The conceptual framework provided for the book is clearly presented and works exceptionally well for identifying problems...(Read More)
Imaginal Memory and the Place of Hiroshima
Imaginal Memory and the Place of Hiroshima (July 1988)
Michael Perlman - Author

"Imaginal Memory is a seminal contribution to the field of holocaust studies--and, beyond this, to the closely annexed fields of archetypal psychology and philosophical phenomenology. Rarely, has such an unusual and insightful combination of these three areas of inquiry been brought together. The result is a splendid book that will be of personal and professional interest to many readers." -- Edward Casey, State University of New York, Stony...(Read More)
Mythos and Logos in the Thought of Carl Jung
Mythos and Logos in the Thought of Carl Jung (July 1988)
The Theory of the Collective Unconscious in Scientific Perspective
Walter A. Shelburne - Author

The author explores and defends the bold thesis that the idea of the collective unconscious can be reconciled with a scientific world outlook as he sketches a big picture from Jung's psychological viewpoint. In his examination of Jung's archetypes, Shelburne considers the chief critical views of the scientific import of Jung's thesis as he discusses the issue of rationality posed by the theory. There is also a discussion of how the ideas of James Hi...(Read More)
Psychosis and Sexual Identity
Psychosis and Sexual Identity (January 1988)
Toward a Post-Analytic View of the Schreber Case
David B. Allison - Editor
Prado de Oliveira - Editor
Mark S. Roberts - Editor
Allen S. Weiss - Editor

This book examines Freud's most famous case study with newly discovered material written by Schreber and photos of significant persons in Schreber's life.

"Included are essays by some of the most interesting intellectual figures in France, such as Lyotard, Mannoni, and Andrade. Richardson leads the reader into Lacanian territory in a clear and fully comprehensible way. The Schreber case engenders one of Freud's most ...(Read More)
Meaning in Mid-Life Transitions
Meaning in Mid-Life Transitions (January 1987)
Edmund Sherman - Author

"The topic of adult development is one of the important areas of research in behavioral sciences. Sherman has succeeded in bringing the phenomenological perspective to this topic and has shown how structures of meaning form the central theme in mid-life transitions. He writes with ease and clarity, handling difficult concepts in a skillful and sophisticated way, resulting in a richly textured study."--Ann Weick, University of Kansas

This b...(Read More)
Deception (December 1985)
Perspectives on Human and Nonhuman Deceit
Robert W. Mitchell - Editor
Nicholas S. Thompson - Editor

Mitchell and Thompson have compiled the first interdisciplinary study of deception and its manifestations in a variety of animal species. Deception is unique in that it presents detailed explorations of the broadest array of deceptive behavior, ranging from deceptive signaling in fireflies and stomatopods, to false-alarm calling by birds and foxes, to playful manipulating between people and dogs, to deceiving within intimate human relationsh...(Read More)
Self-Esteem and Meaning
Self-Esteem and Meaning (June 1985)
A Life Historical Investigation
Michael R. Jackson - Author

Self-esteem. Not only does it affect our identity and values, but also our feelings and actions in a variety of circumstances. Yet, after years of investigation, little of practical value has been learned about its nature.

Self-Esteem and Meaning brings a new approach to the study of self-esteem. It presents case studies based on extended interviews with middle- and working-class individuals. Weaving together the subjects' frank a...(Read More)
Careers in Theory and Experience
Careers in Theory and Experience (June 1983)
A Twenty-Year Longitudinal Study
Warren D. Gribbons - Editor
Paul R. Lohnes - Editor

This book tells what happens in terms of career development during the 20 years following the 8th grade. The first 20-year longitudinal study of career development in America in the post-World War II period to have reached publication stage, it is also the only such study that includes women in its sample. The research was designed to test the best theoretical formulations available. Its findings provide clear and convincing tests of exisitng dev...(Read More)
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