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Psychology and Nihilism
Psychology and Nihilism (December 1992)
A Genealogical Critique of the Computational Model of Mind
Fred Evans - Author

"Evans' most brilliant stroke consists of demonstrating that cognitive psychology must presuppose the very sorts of things which it presumes it can do without, e.g., tacit understanding and an intimate relation to the life-world. Moreover, Evans suggests that a more positive and productive model of psychology can be devised if attention is paid to the idea of a 'transfigurative rationality' which underlies and surpasses the 'technocratic rationalit...(Read More)
Metaphors of Interrelatedness
Metaphors of Interrelatedness (October 1992)
Toward a Systems Theory of Psychology
Linda E. Olds - Author

"In an era of ever increasing specialization, both within psychology and between psychology and other 'fields,' this book opens the doors and windows and lets in fresh air. It is a courageous inquiry into knowing in the broadest sense, and a defense of the necessity of this broadest sense if we are to have real progress. If there is hope for the academy to recapture a sense of intellectual mission, instead of functioning as a holding company for n...(Read More)
Tattoo, Torture, Mutilation, and Adornment
Tattoo, Torture, Mutilation, and Adornment (September 1992)
The Denaturalization of the Body in Culture and Text
Frances E. Mascia-Lees - Editor
Patricia Sharpe - Editor

Analyzes the power of culture to encode its messages on the human form.

This exciting book engages the most current debates about the representation of the human body, particularly the female body, in various media such as literature, film, and popular magazines. Thoroughly conversant with the latest in feminist criticism, gender theory, and the predicaments of postmodern culture, the authors explore various narrative...(Read More)
Attunement Through the Body
Attunement Through the Body (August 1992)
Shigenori Nagatomo - Author

"This book raises a completely new perspective on the relationship between consciousness, experience and the human body. It makes a compelling account of how our experience is carnate and then explores the rich philosophical implications of this insight." Howard Eilberg-Schwartz, Stanford University

Preparatory to restoring humaneness,Attunement Through the Body offers an innovative, philosophical model for overcoming mind-body duali...(Read More)
Giving the Body Its Due
Giving the Body Its Due (July 1992)
Maxine Sheets-Johnstone - Editor

"...moments of insight, recognition, nuance, and brilliance...There is a large literature at present that problematizes various aspects of the body. I do not know of a book that brings together the combination of approaches that this book does. Herein lies the real strength of the book." -- Margaret R. Miles, Bussey Professor of Historical Theology, Harvard University

These essays bring together disciplinary understandings of what it is to ...(Read More)
Self-Perspectives across the Life Span
Self-Perspectives across the Life Span (July 1992)
Richard P. Lipka - Editor
Thomas M. Brinthaupt - Editor

When and how is the self acquired and what characterizes its development and change over the life span? What are the implications of using different methodologies to study the self with different age groups? This book addresses these and related questions.

"The authors have provided clearly written and well balanced accounts of the problems and possibilities inherent in 'self' that have been explored through the life span. The book provides i...(Read More)
The Self
The Self (July 1992)
Definitional and Methodological Issues
Thomas M. Brinthaupt - Editor
Richard P. Lipka - Editor

What are the characteristics and dimensions of the self? Is there a "best" way to measure the self? How does the researcher's definition of the self affect the choice of research measure and methods? These are the questions addressed by this book.

Unlike previous books on the self, this one provides a systematic analysis of the theoretical and methodological issues involved. It offers a description of several alternative methods for studying ...(Read More)
The Children in Our Lives
The Children in Our Lives (November 1991)
Knowing and Teaching Them
Jane Adan - Author

"I was born at midnight. That means I can see ghosts when they want to be invisible," writes fourth-grader David, demonstrating a child's capacity for making sense of personal experience. The Children in Our Lives explores this capacity, as well as how adult misperceptions of children's experiences affect those children. It invites dialogue between teachers, parents, other caregivers, and the general public who value children for th...(Read More)
Organizational Membership
Organizational Membership (August 1990)
Personal Development in the Workplace
Howell S. Baum - Author

"This is an innovative integration of psychoanalytic theory, sociology of organizations, and consultation that goes beyond sociology, psychoanalysis, industrial psychology and career studies to undergird all of them with a more complex and sophisticated conceptualization focused on career choice and career development. Not many 'how to' books offer a solid theoretical base; not many theoretical books offer modes of ready application. This book does ...(Read More)
Confessing Excess
Confessing Excess (July 1990)
Women and the Politics of Body Reduction
Carole Spitzack - Author

Looking at the discourse on female weight reduction in American culture, Confessing Excess analyzes contemporary dieting and the weight loss literature by taking up the themes of confession and surveillance. Spitzack argues that dieting is characterized by confession (of "excess") which women internalize and which necessitates ongoing surveillance or monitoring of the body. Informal conversations and in-depth interviews also juxtapose women...(Read More)
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