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Phenomenology of the Truth Proper to Religion
Phenomenology of the Truth Proper to Religion (July 1990)
Daniel Guerriere - Editor

The question is, what constitutes truth in religion? Represented here is the whole spectrum of phenomenology--transcendental, existential, hermeneutic, ethical, and deconstructive--presented by some of the most respected names in the philosophy of religion today: Louis Dupre, Merold Westphal, and Edward Farley. Here is also engagement with a wide variety of twentieth-century thinkers such as Husserl, Scheler, and Heidegger; Ricoeur, Gadamer, and ...(Read More)
Hartshorne, Process Philosophy, and Theology
Hartshorne, Process Philosophy, and Theology (July 1989)
Robert Kane - Editor
Stephen H. Phillips - Editor

This book provides an introduction to Hartshorne's contributions to contemporary philosophy and theology. It also covers some of the current controversies in philosophy and theology that Hartshorne's contributions have generated.

The opening chapter is a lucid and penetrating introduction to Hartshorne's thought. Some of the following chapters break new ground on issues that have concerned Hartshorne throughout his career: the nature and m...(Read More)
An Introduction to Hegel's Philosophy of Religion
An Introduction to Hegel's Philosophy of Religion (June 1984)
Raymond K. Williamson - Author

For Hegel, thought is not philosophical if it is not also religious. Both religion and philosophy have a common object and share the same content, for both are concerned with the inherent unity of all things. Hegel's doctrine of God provides the means for understanding this fundamental relationship. Although Hegel stated that God is absolute Spirit and Christianity is the absolute religion, the compatibility of Hegel's doctrine of God with Christ...(Read More)
Christology of Hegel
Christology of Hegel (June 1983)
James Yerkes - Author

“The Christology of Hegel by James Yerkes can take its place among the finest studies in Hegel's philosophy of religion in any language. The price of admission to Hegel scholarship of this quality runs high, and Yerkes has paid it. He has mastered all the relevant texts in Hegel's corpus, moving among them with easy familiarity. He has read widely in the best of the secondary literature; the organization of his study shows magi...(Read More)
The Tao and the Daimon
The Tao and the Daimon (June 1983)
Segments of a Religious Inquiry
Robert Cummings Neville - Author

"Neville's most mature work, covering 20 years of deliberations on philosophical theology....This is perhaps the first important work on the interplay between the tao and the daimon." -- Kenneth K. Inada

"Neville's methodology is flawless....His sketch of a tao which would enable the religious scholar to penetrate non-Western religious insights in a meaningful way without having to become a devotee of the religion in question is brilliant." -...(Read More)
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