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Lacan, Politics, Aesthetics
Lacan, Politics, Aesthetics (January 1996)
Willy Apollon - Editor
Richard Feldstein - Editor

This is an anthology of psychoanalytic criticism applied to the wider field of cultural studies including class, gender, representation, ideology, and law.

"What I like most about this book is its demonstration of the importance and breadth of Lacan's thought. These papers take up Lacan's invitation to engage his texts as he did Freud's, not out of passive discipleship but out of a shared conviction of the consequences o...(Read More)
The Modern Subject
The Modern Subject (December 1995)
Conceptions of the Self in Classical German Philosophy
Karl Ameriks - Editor
Dieter Sturma - Editor

Provides a thorough background study of the postmodern assault on the standpoint of the subject as a foundation for philosophy, and assesses what remains today of the philosophy of subjectivity.

"I very much like the way in which this work bridges the so-called 'continental' and 'analytic' traditions within philosophy, while at the same time calling attention to figures that deserve more attention in both traditions. It ...(Read More)
Fire and Roses
Fire and Roses (November 1995)
Postmodernity and the Thought of the Body
Carl A. Raschke - Author

Interprets postmodernity in relation to the body--the "somatological a priori," and applies current critical theory to issues of gender, popular culture fashion, and magic, as well as the Western philosophical/theological tradition.

Covering a wealth of authors and literature from Baudrillard to Foucault, from Freud to Lacan, from Plato to Heidegger, from the study of women's fashion to Girardian perspective...(Read More)
The Rhetoric of Failure
The Rhetoric of Failure (November 1995)
Deconstruction of Skepticism, Reinvention of Modernism
Ewa Plonowska Ziarek - Author

"There are many books on the links between deconstruction and literary modernism, but I know of no work that undertakes so detailed a confrontation between a series of major thinkers (Cavell, Derrida, Levinas, Benjamin) and writers (Kafka, Beckett, Gombrowicz). The strategy is an original one. It is rare that a critic has the kind of dual sensibility that is needed to carry it off." -- Alexander Gelley, University of California, Irvine

"This ...(Read More)
Fear, Truth, Writing
Fear, Truth, Writing (October 1995)
From Paper Village to Electronic Community
Alison Leigh Brown - Author

This book describes and examines the fear of exposure one faces when creating for cultural consumption. Examining the work of Cixous, Foucault, Irigaray, Spinoza, Hegel, Hakim Bey, Heidegger, Kathy Acker, Derrida, and Kierkegaard, the author finds spaces where fear and anxiety give way to connection and community.
"The book will both inspire further investigation into questions of identity, gender, 'anarchy', and new ways of formulating these q...(Read More)
Spectacular Vernaculars
Spectacular Vernaculars (September 1995)
Hip-Hop and the Politics of Postmodernism
Russell A. Potter - Author

Viewing hip-hop as the postmodern successor to African American culture's Jazz modernism, this book examines hip-hop music's role in the history of the African-American experience.

Spectacular Vernaculars examines hip-hop's cultural rebellion in terms of its specific implications for postmodern theory and practice, using the politics of reception as its primary rhetorical ground. Hip-hop culture in general, and ra...(Read More)
Postmodern Environmental Ethics
Postmodern Environmental Ethics (August 1995)
Max Oelschlaeger - Editor

Explains the role of language in causing and in resolving the ecocrisis and shows that ecologically adaptive behavior can be facilitated through language.
This book explains the role of language in causing and in resolving the ecocrisis, showing that ecologically adaptive behavior can be facilitated through language. The authors explore the discourses of deep ecology, ecofeminism, Judeo-Christianity, quantum theory, and Native American w...(Read More)
Death in a Delphi Seminar
Death in a Delphi Seminar (August 1995)
A Postmodern Mystery
Norman N. Holland - Author

In this detective novel set in a small, intense seminar, eight students study what their professor regards as the central mystery of human nature: the uniqueness of the individual. One morning a woman student who has been fighting this idea and disrupting the seminar keels over, poisoned. The detective who takes charge is himself a writer who finds this tight little world of academic criticism and theory fascinating, baffling, yet somehow sympathe...(Read More)
On Bataille
On Bataille (July 1995)
Critical Essays
Leslie Anne Boldt-Irons - Editor

Essays on the French writer and critic Georges Bataille, that examine his thought in relation to Hegel, Nietzsche, and Derrida.

"I will say that Leslie Boldt-Irons' collection represents the most accurate and successful attempt made to popularize--without reducing--Bataille's thought in the United States. For this reason, it constitutes an indispensable asset for any scholar, Bataillian or not, in the field of postmoder...(Read More)
Sources of Hermeneutics
Sources of Hermeneutics (July 1995)
Jean Grondin - Author

This book provides an introduction to the historical sources of philosophical hermeneutics as it has come to fruition in the work of Heidegger and Gadamer.

"This book represents the best work in the field by one of the best thinkers in the area. Without question, Grondin is in many respects Gadamer's best intepreter." -- Stephen Watson, University of Notre Dame

"I like the clarity of this book, and I like its directness and well-articu...(Read More)
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