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Reinterpreting the Political
Reinterpreting the Political (July 1998)
Continental Philosophy and Political Theory
Lenore Langsdorf - Editor
Stephen H. Watson - Editor
Karen A. Smith - Editor

Rereads classical figures in continental thought, takes up current topics in the legacy of political theory, and analyzes and evaluates Foucault's work as a prime manifestation of the complicated modern interface between truth and power, institution and liberation.

The task of reinterpretation arises from recognition, within continental philosophy, of a certain abandonment of political philosophy for historicism or a s...(Read More)
Rising from the Ruins
Rising from the Ruins (May 1998)
Reason, Being, and the Good After Auschwitz
Garth Jackson Gillan - Author

An assessment of reason, being, and the good in a world fractured by the passage of the Holocaust.

Rising from the Ruins is an assessment of reason, being, and the good in a world fractured by the passage of the Shoah, or Holocaust. The historical character of evil that appeared in the Shoah damaged the relationship of human existence to being, creating a time when the confidence of reason to possess the truth no ...(Read More)
The Transparency of Spectacle
The Transparency of Spectacle (May 1998)
Meditations on the Moving Image
Wheeler Winston Dixon - Author

Considers the ephemeral nature of the cinematic experience as we now apprehend it, and examines the ways in which technological advances in film and moving image production have changed this experience over the course of the last thirty-odd years.

"This is an exciting book, bursting with insights and information on virtually every page. A vast range of films and an equally astonishing range of references combine to...(Read More)
Labyrinths of the Mind
Labyrinths of the Mind (April 1998)
The Self in the Postmodern Age
Daniel R. White - Author
Gert Hellerich - Author

Applies postmodern theory to the working assumptions and consequent practices of therapy in various disciplines, from clinical psychology to schooling.

Labyrinths of the Mind critically engages and creatively transforms the patterns of postmodern culture. It envisions strategies of self-discovery emerging in our era as a labyrinth, whose design evolves as we explore it. Nietzsche serves as our guide throughout the book as we wan...(Read More)
Specters of Liberation
Specters of Liberation (April 1998)
Great Refusals in the New World Order
Martin J. Beck Matuštík - Author

Advocates a new existential and political coalition among critical and postmodern social theorists and among critical gender, race, and class theorists, in dissent from the New World Order, to raise specters of liberation and empower radical democratic change.

Specters of Liberation argues that dissent against the New World Order is possible through a collaboration of critical postmodern social theory and existen...(Read More)
Speeding to the Millennium
Speeding to the Millennium (April 1998)
Film and Culture 1993-1995
Joseph Natoli - Author

Intersperses headline events, popular film, postmodern theory, and fictional vignettes in order to capture the elusive cultural imaginary of our twentieth-century fin de siecle.

"Speeding to the Millennium is a quirky, intelligent, and thought-provoking look at postmodern culture in America through the lens of popular movies and media events of the years 1993-1995. It covers a range of 'texts,' from Forres...(Read More)
From Hegel to Madonna
From Hegel to Madonna (February 1998)
Towards a General Economy of "Commodity Fetishism"
Robert Miklitsch - Author

Moves from the discourses of dialectical negation to cultural-populist affirmation--that is, from Hegel to Madonna Studies--in order to envision a mode of critique that can persuasively describe and explain the cultural contradictions of late capitalism.

From Hegel to Madonna presents a genealogical survey of the discourses of negation and affirmation associated with the work of Hegel, Adorno, Deleuze, and Guattar...(Read More)
Bodies at Risk
Bodies at Risk (January 1998)
Unsafe Limits in Romanticism and Postmodernism
Robert Burns Neveldine - Author

Taking a post-psychoanalytic, queer-theoretical approach, this book links philosophical and aesthetic issues in two distinct periods through the examination of a variety of imaginative texts, from canonical poetry and fiction to avant-garde music and film.

Taking a fundamentally post-psychoanalytical approach, Bodies at Risk links philosophical and aesthetic issues in two distinct periods, with postmodernism cont...(Read More)
Isolated Experiences
Isolated Experiences (January 1998)
Gilles Deleuze and the Solitudes of Reversed Platonism
James Brusseau - Author

Traversing the genres of philosophy and literature, this book elaborates Deleuze's notion of difference, conceives certain individuals as embodying difference, and applies these conceptions to their writings.

"Brusseau has written a book on Deleuze which will be a milestone in the field. Even those who know Deleuze well are often obliged to do somersaults in order to negotiate the rough terrain of his rhizomatic writing. Brusseau seems to...(Read More)
Critical Postmodernism in Human Movement, Physical Education, and Sport
Critical Postmodernism in Human Movement, Physical Education, and Sport (October 1997)
Juan-Miguel Fernandez-Balboa - Editor

Explores the possibilities of postmodernism in the field of human movement and shows how the profession is related to broader social, political, and cultural contexts and histories.

"A collection of sound, well-written, and complementary texts which provides a long-overdue and much-needed critical foundation for discourse on professional reform in Human Movement."--Ralph C. Wilcox, University of Memphis