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Liberty and Community
Liberty and Community (January 1991)
Canadian Federalism and the Failure of the Constitution
Robert C. Vipond - Author

This book examines the competing visions of liberty and community in Canada. Focusing attention on constitutional debate in Ontario after the Confederation of 1867, the author shows how the defenders of provincial autonomy constructed a powerful political and legal ideology that attempted to reconcile liberty and community.

This book furnishes an interesting contrast to the development of federal-state relationships in the United States, an...(Read More)
The Death of Industrial Civilization
The Death of Industrial Civilization (August 1990)
The Limits to Economic Growth and the Repoliticization of Advanced Industrial Society
Joel Jay Kassiola - Author

"Kassiola swims against the stream of modern thought, not only challenging its current course, but pointing in new directions and urging others to join the rethinking process." -- Lester W. Milbrath

"It fills a void in the literature on the future of industrial growth by synthesizing a tremendous amount of material into a coherent package. a first-rate book of intellectual brilliance." -- Dennis Pirages

The Death of Industrial Civ...(Read More)
Supremely Political
Supremely Political (July 1990)
The Role of Ideology and Presidential Management in Unsuccessful Supreme Court Nominations
John Massaro - Author

Drawing upon revealing and generally unpublished presidential papers associated with Lyndon Johnson's ill-fated nomination of Abe Fortas, and Richard Nixon's failed designations of Clement F. Haynsworth and G. Harrold Carswell, and culminating in a lively investigation of the Bork and Ginsburg cases, the author convincingly demonstrates that the Senate's negative actions can be traced to the exciting interplay of three factors.

The author dem...(Read More)
Time, Freedom, and The Common Good
Time, Freedom, and The Common Good (December 1989)
An Essay in Public Philosophy
Charles M. Sherover - Author

"A splendid book. (It) goes to the heart of all political thinking and sheds needed light there. I enjoyed it greatly." -- William Barrett

"This book is a fascinating defense of what most of us might call 'democratic capitalism', or as Sherover prefers, 'democratic mercantilism'. It is a work of political philosophy in the classic style, setting out the basic principles of a political standpoint and defending that standpoint passionately a...(Read More)
Aging and Political Leadership
Aging and Political Leadership (August 1988)
Angus McIntyre - Editor

The final part of this book takes an in-depth look at Ronald Reagan. His advanced age is not unusual in a political leader. Other heads of government in the post-war world have been as old as, or even older than, he when they held office; for example, Churchill, Inšn, Chiang Kai-shek, Nehru, Salazar, De Gualle, Kenyatta, Tito, Mao Zedong, Adenauer, and Ulbricht. The large number of names gives the impression that contemporary leadership is ger...(Read More)
Black Political Mobilization, Leadership, Power and Mass Behavior
Black Political Mobilization, Leadership, Power and Mass Behavior (August 1987)
Minion K. C. Morrison - Author

Black Political Mobilization accounts for the political success of black Americans in the South. Minion Morrison returns to Mississippi, the center of much of the political activism of the 1960s, to analyze the remarkable improvement in black electoral participation in the years following passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Mississippi's substantial black population has experienced marked electoral success ...(Read More)
From Marx to Kant
From Marx to Kant (October 1985)
Dick Howard - Author

The crisis of contemporary capitalist society suggests a return to Kant. Kant’s republican politics is shown to be a necessary element of his philosophical system. This system becomes explicit in Marx, whose stress on the primacy of philosophy or politics illuminates and distorts the implications of republican philosophy and its politics. An independent methodology that would avoid one-sidedness can be drawn from a rereading of Kant&rs...(Read More)
Democratic Theories and the Constitution
Democratic Theories and the Constitution (June 1985)
Martin Edelman - Author

Although the government of the United States is traditionally viewed as a democracy, there is considerable disagreement about what democracy means and implies. In a comprehensive study Professor Edelman examines the three democratic paradigms most prevalent in America today: natural rights, contract, and competition. Theories based on these paradigms lead to different ideas of democracy, each of which yields variant interpretations of the Constit...(Read More)
The Politics of Salvation
The Politics of Salvation (June 1985)
The Hegelian Idea of State
Paul Lakeland - Author

The Politics of Salvation takes a radical stance: it focuses on the significance of the state in the Hegelian system when it is viewed as inspired and motivated by the Christian notion of God. The book thus makes connections between Hegel's political philosophy and his explicit appropriation of Christianity's incarnational mode of thinking. In unfolding the implications of this position, Lakeland shows how Hegel's thought can offer the bas...(Read More)
The Influence of the Carnegie, Ford, and Rockefeller Foundations on American Foreign Policy
The Influence of the Carnegie, Ford, and Rockefeller Foundations on American Foreign Policy (June 1984)
The Ideology of Philanthropy
Edward H. Berman - Author

Examines the generally unrecognized role played by these foundations in support of US foreign policy.

This book examines the generally unrecognized role played by the Carnegie, Ford, and Rockefeller foundations in support of United States foreign policy, particularly since 1945. The foundations’ efforts on behalf of American interests abroad have focused primarily on their support for a number of institution...(Read More)
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