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Politics and Public Policy in Hawai'i
Politics and Public Policy in Hawai'i (July 1992)
Zachary A. Smith - Editor
Richard Pratt - Editor

Hawai'i is of special interest as a state because its history differs so greatly from that of the other United States and because its social and political institutions are unique. It is, for example, the only state that has no incorporated villages, towns, or cities, and it has the most centralized system of governance of any U. S. state.

This book addresses policy topics of importance to Hawai'i and other communities facing rapid growth, un...(Read More)
Race, Class, and Culture
Race, Class, and Culture (July 1992)
A Study in Afro-American Mass Opinion
Robert C. Smith - Author
Richard Seltzer - Author

Race is arguably the most profound and enduring cleavage in American society and politics. This book examines the sources and dynamics of the race cleavage in American society through a detailed analysis of intergroup and intragroup differences at the level of mass opinion. The ethclass theory, which examines the intersection of ethnicity and class, is used to analyze interracial differences in mass attitudes. This analysis yields three clusters...(Read More)
The Administrative Presidency Revisited
The Administrative Presidency Revisited (July 1992)
Public Lands, the BLM, and the Reagan Revolution
Robert F. Durant - Author

"One of the most substantial and penetrating empirical investigations yet made into the consequences of an aggressive administrative strategy for presidential leadership." -- American Political Science Review

"Robert Durant's new book is destined to become a classic. The product of years of painstaking research, The Administrative Presidency Revisited is brimming with findings, insights, and theoretical contributions that speak...(Read More)
The Political Economy of Development
The Political Economy of Development (July 1992)
Development Theory and the Prospects for Change in the Third World
Berch Berberoglu - Author

This book focuses on the role of the state in economic development in a variety of Third World settings through an in-depth analysis of the past several decades. Berberoglu examines three major alternative development theories: developmentalism, dependency, and neo-Marxist. He then critically analyzes these theories and their variants to set the stage for a detailed examination of various development paths.

Two paths of capitalist developm...(Read More)
The Politics and Strategy of Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East
The Politics and Strategy of Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East (July 1992)
Opacity, Theory, and Reality, 1960-1991 -- An Israeli Perspective
Shlomo Aronson - Author
Oded Brosh - With

Based on research from an array of American, Arab, British, French, German, and Israeli sources, this book provides a nuclear history of the world's most explosive region. Most significantly, it gives an exposition of Israel's acquisition and political use, or nonuse, of nuclear weapons as a central factor of its foreign policy in the 1960-1991 period. In stressing the factor of nuclear weapons, the author highlights an often-neglected a...(Read More)
Environmentalism and Political Theory
Environmentalism and Political Theory (May 1992)
Toward an Ecocentric Approach
Robyn Eckersley - Author

"Green political theory is the most exciting new area of inquiry for political theory scholars. The author's scholarship significantly advances that inquiry. This area is also important for the future of life on planet Earth, as the presently dominant political theories are leading us to an environmental catastrophe. I have long perceived the need for this kind of book." --Lester Milbrath, State University of New York at Buffalo

This book ...(Read More)
Democracy in an Age of Corporate Colonization
Democracy in an Age of Corporate Colonization (March 1992)
Developments in Communication and the Politics of Everyday Life
Stanley A. Deetz - Author

"This book is sophisticated, powerful, lucid, and pointed in style and organization. In a field where general theoretic development is relatively rare, this book will certainly become a foundation for later research and theoretic argument." -- Robert D. McPhee, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

According to Deetz, our obsolete understanding of communication processes and power relations prevents us from seeing the corporate domination of pub...(Read More)
Wildfire (February 1992)
Grassroots Revolts in Israel in the Post-Socialist Era
Sam Lehman-Wilzig - Author

"This book is extremely provocative, very clearly written, and well-structured. I found it interesting and, in places, fascinating. The topic is extremely important for the macro-understanding of the Israeli society, especially within the context of changes occurring since 1967." -- Ilan Peleg, Lafayette College

Wildfire is a wide-ranging, inter-disciplinary study of the "other side" of Israeli public life. Because th...(Read More)
Political Culture and Foreign Policy in Latin America
Political Culture and Foreign Policy in Latin America (October 1991)
Case Studies from the Circum-Caribbean
Roland H. Ebel - Author
Raymond C. Taras - Author
James D. Cochrane - Author

"This is a well-written, comprehensive analysis of political culture and its impact on foreign policy. It's a welcome addition to the work being done on national belief systems, values, attitudes, and traditions and their impact on foreign policy-making processes. This book is what social science research is all about -- presentation and confirmation of useful middle-range theories. It is a good, solid piece of research that covers an important t...(Read More)
The Fractured Metropolis
The Fractured Metropolis (July 1991)
Political Fragmentation and Metropolitan Segregation
Gregory R. Weiher - Author

"I think this book is an outstanding original interpretation of urban political and social fragmentation. The argument is elegantly expressed and tailored to its place in existing theory with exceptional clarity and skill. The field of urban politics has frequently been characterized as lacking coherent political and social theory, except perhaps, for that contributed by economists. This book runs squarely in the other direction giving considerab...(Read More)
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