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When Play Was Play
When Play Was Play (April 2009)
Why Pick-up Games Matter
Ronald Bishop - Author

A celebration of childhood pick-up games.

When Play Was Play offers a fascinating look at the disappearing world of childhood pick-up games. Drawing on his own experiences as well as a wealth of interviews and surveys, Ronald Bishop tells why these loosely structured games mattered—camaraderie, opportunities to develop social skills, and independence from the world of adults. Bishop contrasts his and o...(Read More)

Risk and Our Pedagogical Relation to Children
Risk and Our Pedagogical Relation to Children (March 1998)
On the Playground and Beyond
Stephen J. Smith - Author

Shows that "risk" is a valuable and pedagogical experience for children on the playground (and for the adults that share that experience with them) in preparation for the precarious world which children find beyond the playground.

In this thoughtful book, Stephen Smith shows how parents and educators can become aware of the positive value of risk in children's lives and how they can be challenged to take risks that are worth their whi...(Read More)
Multiple Perspectives on Play in Early Childhood Education
Multiple Perspectives on Play in Early Childhood Education (January 1998)
Olivia N. Saracho - Editor
Bernard Spodek - Editor

While teachers value children's play, they often do not know how to guide that play to make it more educational. This volume reflects current research in the child development and early childhood education fields.

Play has been part of early childhood programs since the initial kindergarten developed by Friedreich Froebel more than one hundred and fifty years ago. While research shows that most teachers value children's ...(Read More)
The Future of Play Theory
The Future of Play Theory (August 1995)
A Multidisciplinary Inquiry into the Contributions of Brian Sutton-Smith
Anthony D. Pellegrini - Editor

This book looks at the impact of play on child development.
This multidimensional book looks at the current status of play theory across the disciplines, literally from anthropology to zoology. The authors examine play phenomena from four perspectives, Play as Progress; Play as Power, Play as Fantasy; and Play as Self. The volume is concluded with a challenge for future study by Brian Sutton-Smith.
With the wealth of information gat...(Read More)
The Collaborative Construction of Pretend
The Collaborative Construction of Pretend (February 1992)
Social Pretend Play Functions
Carollee Howes - Author
Olivia Unger - With
Catherine C. Matheson - With

The Collaborative Construction of Pretend explores the origins and development of social pretend play in children. It begins with the infant's first attempts to play pretend with an adult; discusses the beginnings of toddler pretend with peers; and investigates the fully developed social play of preschool and school age children. The author argues that social pretend play can fulfill several different developmental functions and that these ...(Read More)
Plato's Defence of Poetry
Plato's Defence of Poetry (June 1984)
Julius A. Elias - Author

Ignorant, irrational and irresponsible: these are the terms used by Plato when referring to poets. Yet the philosopher acknowledged that he was not insensible to the charms of poetry, and many would agree that Plato's myths are themselves poetry of the very first rank.

In Plato's Defence of Poetry--the first full-scale treatment of the subject since 1905--Julius A. Elias demonstrates that Plato offers a defence of poetry in response ...(Read More)
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