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The Retreat of Representation
The Retreat of Representation (April 1996)
The Concept of Darstellung in German Critical Discourse
Martha B. Helfer - Author

Examines the notion of Darstellung [representation] in the critical discourse of German Idealism and Romanticism, paying particular attention to Kant, Fichte, Novalis, and Kleist.
"I highly recommend The Retreat of Representation . Helfer's pursuit of the concept of Darstellung from Kant through the German Romantics is fresh and significant. Her patient and accessible readings are compelling, and they complement one a...(Read More)
Rethinking Knowledge
Rethinking Knowledge (February 1995)
Reflections Across the Disciplines
Robert F. Goodman - Editor
Walter R. Fisher - Editor

This is an exploration of modernism and postmodernism in regard to knowledge: methods of inquiry, operations of the mind, the role of values, conceptions of self, and the problematic of reason.

"This book addresses a set of epistemic developments important throughout the academy. The range of contributors is excellent, and their collective prestige will attract more than a few readers all by itself. A further advantage...(Read More)
The Value(s) of Literature
The Value(s) of Literature (July 1990)
James S. Hans - Author

This book addresses the ethical aspects of literature by discussing three major American poets: Walt Whitman, Wallace Stevens, and A.R. Ammons. It develops a philosophical framework by which an ethics of literature can be construed, and differentiates this view from a purely political criticism on the one hand and a purely "disinterested" criticism on the other. Beginning with Nietzsche's assumption that the world itself is an aesthetic place, Hans ...(Read More)
The Hermeneutic Tradition
The Hermeneutic Tradition (December 1989)
From Ast to Ricoeur
Gayle L. Ormiston - Editor
Alan D. Schrift - Editor

Here are the major statements of the leading figures in the nineteenth- and twentieth-century German and French hermeneutic traditions--the major statements on the aims, methods, and techniques of interpretation. Some of these appear here for the first time in English.

This book establishes the context for contemporary analyses of interpretation. Part I traces the evolution of hermeneutics from Friedrich Ast and Friedrich Schleiermacher thr...(Read More)
Transforming the Hermeneutic Context
Transforming the Hermeneutic Context (September 1989)
From Nietzsche to Nancy
Gayle L. Ormiston - Editor
Alan D. Schrift - Editor

This book presents contemporary analyses of interpretation by some of the most prominent figures in contemporary philosophy and literary criticism. These essays question and transform traditional statements on the aims, methods, and techniques of interpretation.

The essays demonstrate how contemporary discussions of interpretation are necessarily sent back to the hermeneutic tradition. Emphasizing the importance of Friedrich Nietzsche's influ...(Read More)
Philosophy and Literature in Latin America
Philosophy and Literature in Latin America (June 1989)
A Critical Assessment of the Current Situation
Jorge J. E. Gracia - Editor
Mireye Camurati - Editor

"The manuscript covers difficult-to-get materials on contemporary philosophy and literature in Ibero-America. The topic is highly important for an understanding of the development of the humanities--important both in itself and to the field of Latin American Studies." -- William J. Kilgore, Baylor University

Philosophy and Literature in Latin America presents a unique and original view of the current state of development in Latin Am...(Read More)
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