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The Rorty-Habermas Debate
The Rorty-Habermas Debate (May 2021)
Toward Freedom as Responsibility
Marcin Kilanowski - Author

Argues that out of the confrontation between Rorty and Habermas, we might be able to find a new way to think about the kind of politics we need today.

The Rorty-Habermas debate has been written on widely, but a full treatment of its importance had to wait until now. We have some historical distance from this exchange, which extended over three decades, and which touches upon the ce...(Read More)
The Obsessions of Georges Bataille
The Obsessions of Georges Bataille (October 2009)
Community and Communication
Andrew J. Mitchell - Editor
Jason Kemp Winfree - Editor

Considers Bataille’s work from an explicitly philosophical perspective.

Featuring a new translation of Jean-Luc Nancy’s “Confronted Community” and three essays by Bataille on community and communication available here in English for the first time, The Obsessions of Georges Bataille offers an indispensable account of Bataille’s work. Despite the influence of Bataille on French con...(Read More)
Convergence amidst Difference
Convergence amidst Difference (September 2004)
Philosophical Conversations across National Boundaries
Calvin O. Schrag - Author

Engages contemporary European thought on a variety of philosophical topics.

Calvin O. Schrag, one of America's leading philosophers, traverses the literal and metaphysical boundaries of Bulgaria, England, France, Russia, and the Czech Republic and offers a new examination of hermeneutics, phenomenology, subjectivity, and transnational identity. He presents his notion of rationality—transversal rationality—wi...(Read More)
Being Made Strange
Being Made Strange (May 2004)
Rhetoric beyond Representation
Bradford Vivian - Author

Offers a revised understanding of human subjectivity that avoids the extremes of both traditional humanism and cultural relativism.

By elaborating upon pivotal twentieth-century studies in language, representation, and subjectivity, Being Made Strange reorients the study of rhetoric according to the discursive formation of subjectivity. The author develops a theory of how rhetorical practices establish social, ...(Read More)
Experiences between Philosophy and Communication
Experiences between Philosophy and Communication (August 2003)
Engaging the Philosophical Contributions of Calvin O. Schrag
Ramsey Eric Ramsey - Editor
David James Miller - Editor

Leading scholars address the work of American philosopher Calvin O. Schrag.

Providing developments and advancements concerning the thought of Calvin O. Schrag, this book includes the first full-length interview with the American continental philosopher and covers his long and illustrative philosophical contribution to thinking about the consequences of communication. The influence of Schrag's work is significant and b...(Read More)
Culture, Technology, Communication
Culture, Technology, Communication (June 2001)
Towards an Intercultural Global Village
Charles Ess - Editor
Fay Sudweeks - With
Susan Herring - Foreword by

Provides cross-cultural perspectives on computer-mediated communication.

Stability and success in our electronic global village increasingly depends on the complex interactions of culture, communication, and technology. This book offers both theoretical approaches and case studies of these interactions from diverse cultural domains, including Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the United States. This global perspectiv...(Read More)
Selfhood and Authenticity
Selfhood and Authenticity (February 2001)
Corey Anton - Author

Winner of the The Erving Goffman Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of Social Interaction, presented by the Media Ecology Association

Explores the notion of selfhood in the wake of the post-structuralist debates.

Drawing upon numerous influential thinkers of the twentieth century, including Heidegger, Bakhtin, Merleau-Ponty, Sartre, Goffman, Schrag, and Taylor, Selfhood an...(Read More)
Primal Scenes of Communication
Primal Scenes of Communication (September 2000)
Communication, Consumerism, and Social Movements
Ian Angus - Author

Proposes a new theory of communication called "comparative media theory."

Primal Scenes of Communication argues that the materiality of communication media constitute social relations and that social relations should be understood as "technology-identity complexes." This theory is employed to characterize consumer society, and the social movements that criticize consumer society, as a unique epoch of communication.

"Throu...(Read More)
Order Without Rules
Order Without Rules (April 1999)
Critical Theory and the Logic of Conversation
David Bogen - Author

Questions whether the logic of language underlying Habermas's theory of communicative action is in fact the defining feature of conversational practice.

Order Without Rules establishes the basic terms for a critical discourse between the theory of communicative action and the tradition of practice-based inquiries inspired by Wittgenstein and elaborated within the field of ethnomethodology. It argues that such a discourse not onl...(Read More)
Appeal to Pity
Appeal to Pity (May 1997)
Argumentum ad Misericordiam
Douglas Walton - Author

A useful contribution to theories of argumentation and public address criticism, this book uses a pragmatic approach to understanding conversation as a way of elucidating the use of appeals to pity and sympathy.

Appeal to pity has frequently been exploited with amazing success as a deceptive tactic of argumentation, so much so that it has traditionally been treated as a fallacy. Using a case study method, the author examines examples o...(Read More)
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