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Comparative Public Budgeting
Comparative Public Budgeting (November 2010)
Global Perspectives on Taxing and Spending
George M. Guess - Author
Lance T. LeLoup - Author

Holistic, comparative analysis of multiple budget systems and contexts.

Increasingly, governments must respond to the negative impacts of global economic crises on their revenues to finance needed services, and the collapse of their real industrial and financial-banking sectors. How they respond most effectively is a new study area which demands sharing of lessons between nations on government fiscal policies...(Read More)
Managing Welfare Reform in Five States
Managing Welfare Reform in Five States (October 2000)
The Challenge of Devolution
Sarah F. Liebschutz - Editor

Analyzes the responses of five states—Florida, Mississippi, New York, Washington, and Wisconsin—to the challenges of implementing welfare reform.

The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 presented challenges to all states to alter their welfare programs and management systems. This book features similarities as well as differences in their implementation of welfare reform, ...(Read More)
Evaluating Comprehensive State Welfare Reform
Evaluating Comprehensive State Welfare Reform (March 2000)
The Wisconsin Works Program
Burt S. Barnow - Editor
Thomas Kaplan - Editor
Robert A. Moffitt - Editor

Discusses issues involved in evaluating the new reforms, and applies those issues to the evaluation of welfare reform in Wisconsin.

The recent delegation of authority for welfare programs from the federal government to the states has stimulated increasingly complex and comprehensive reforms which seek in part to generate social messages that discourage dependency on public assistance, promote work, and influence famil...(Read More)
Implementing the Personal Responsibility Act of 1996
Implementing the Personal Responsibility Act of 1996 (January 1999)
A First Look
Richard P. Nathan - Author
Thomas L. Gais - Author

Examines the implementation of the 1996 national welfare reform act and summarizes field-research findings.

Focusing on what happens to national policies after they are made, the authors discover that there are surprises in the implementation of the 1996 Personal Responsibility Act and its connections to other social agencies and programs. Bureaucracies typically don’t change this much and this fast. Why did it happen this time around?...(Read More)
A Decade of Deficits
A Decade of Deficits (July 1992)
Congressional Thought and Fiscal Action
Steven E. Schier - Author

Since 1980, the national agenda and the attention of Congress have been focused on federal budget deficits. This is the first book, however, to examine how lawmakers think about fiscal problems and to emphasize individual legislators' economic beliefs. Based on interviews with 110 members of Congress, the book includes an assessment of Congress's capacity to make sound fiscal policy in the future.

"This book gets inside Congress as few have...(Read More)
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