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Transforming Democracy
Transforming Democracy (August 1995)
Legislative Campaign Committees and Political Parties
Daniel M. Shea - Author

Examines the emergence of state-level legislative campaign committees in the U. S., which are quickly becoming the dominant force in state politics, and explores their relationship with traditional party organizations.
This book examines the emergence of state-level legislative campaign committees (LCCs) and their relationship with traditional political party organizations. Now found in 40 states, LCCs provide extensive campaign services ...(Read More)
Bargaining Under Federalism
Bargaining Under Federalism (July 1991)
Contemporary New York
Sarah F. Liebschutz - Author

"What I like best about the book is its emphasis on bargaining in the federal system and the inclusion of some real life examples of how that bargaining occurs. The subject is important. Understanding how domestic policies are made in America, how they are implemented, and the ways in which they affect citizens requires an understanding of the roles of the national, state, and local governments in the making and execution of public policy. This is...(Read More)
New York State Today
New York State Today (February 1989)
Politics, Government, Public Policy, Second Edition
Peter W. Colby - Editor
John Kenneth White - Editor

Here it is -- the latest on New York State politics, government, and public policies. Its contributors include many well-known and active figures in government. The text covers the history and background of Empire State politics, the state constitution, the political geography of the state, and how the New York electorate and its branches of government are operating in the "Age of Mario Cuomo."

New York State Today will interest all New Yor...(Read More)
Reindustrializing New York State
Reindustrializing New York State (January 1986)
Strategies, Implications, Challenges
Morton Schoolman - Editor
Alvin Magid - Editor

This is the first study to comprehensively investigate economic revitalization strategies in a state economy that, until recently, had been the most powerful in the United States. In sixteen original essays, Reindustrializing New York State documents the state's long-term deindustrialization and examines and evaluates the policies initiated to reverse its decline.

Pursuing an analysis of each of the strategies crucial to New York's eco...(Read More)
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