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Sharkey (April 2022)
When Sea Lions Were Stars of Show Business (1907-1958)
Gary Bohan Jr. - Author

The Jews of Long Island: 1705-1918
The Jews of Long Island: 1705-1918 (March 2022)
Brad Kolodny - Author

The first comprehensive history of the development of early Jewish life on Long Island.

In an engaging narrative, The Jews of Long Island: 1705–1918 tells the story of how Jewish communities were established and developed east of New York City, from Great Neck to Greenport and Cedarhurst to Sag Harbor. Including peddlers, farmers, and factory workers struggling to make a liv...(Read More)
Inside the Green Lobby
Inside the Green Lobby (February 2022)
The Fight to Save the Adirondack Park
Bernard C. Melewski - Author

A veteran environmental lobbyist reveals the behind-the-scences struggles to address threats to the future of New York's Adirondack Park.

Inside the Green Lobby recounts the behind-the-scenes efforts, both at the State Capitol in Albany and the halls of Congress, of a lobbyist for a major environmental advocacy group. Bernard C. Melewski worked to save the six-million acre A...(Read More)
The Haunted History of Pelham, New York
The Haunted History of Pelham, New York (February 2022)
Including Ghostly Tales of the Bronx, Westchester County, and Long Island Sound
Blake A. Bell - Author

The Spirit of New York, Second Edition
The Spirit of New York, Second Edition (February 2022)
Defining Events in the Empire State's History
Bruce W. Dearstyne - Author

Home as Found
Home as Found (November 2021)
James Fenimore Cooper - Author
Stephen Carl Arch - Historical introduction, notes, and text

A novel of manners set in the drawing rooms, ballrooms, and Wall Street offices in 1830s New York, dramatizing conflicts that we are still grappling with nearly two hundred years later.

Within months of publishing Homeward Bound, James Fenimore Cooper continued that story in a second, stand-alone novel, Home as Found. One of the most important of his long career, H...(Read More)
Outdoors at Idlewild
Outdoors at Idlewild (November 2021)
The Building of a Home on the Banks of the Hudson
Nathaniel Parker Willis - Author
Edward Renehan - Introduction

Chronicles the creation of a picturesque home and landscape on the Hudson River by one of the nineteenth century’s leading authors.

During the 1850s and 60s, by far the most prominent author in all of New York State was the writer, editor, and publisher Nathaniel Parker Willis (1806–1867). Nearly as prominent as Willis himself was his Hudson Valley estate, Idlewild, where literary ...(Read More)
History of Delaware County and Border Wars of New York
History of Delaware County and Border Wars of New York (October 2021)
Jay Gould - Author
Edward Renehan - Introduction

A classic history of Delaware County and the border wars written by none other than prominent Gilded Age “Robber Baron” Jay Gould.

When Jay Gould died in 1892 he left behind an estate worth the equivalent of seventy-eight billion in today’s dollars. He also left behind a reputation as one of Wall Street’s most shrewd, astute, and (some said) manipulative operators. Long before his ...(Read More)
In the Catskills and My Boyhood
In the Catskills and My Boyhood (October 2021)
John Burroughs - Author
Edward Renehan - Introduction

Classic works by naturalist John Burroughs on his beloved Catskill region.

Henry James called John Burroughs (1837–1921) “a more humorous, more available, and more sociable Thoreau.” Walt Whitman in turn extolled Burroughs as “a child of the woods, fields, hills—native to them in a rare sense (in a sense almost a miracle).” Throughout his many books and essays, Burroughs was never ...(Read More)
The Water-Witch
The Water-Witch (September 2021)
Or, The Skimmer of the Seas
James Fenimore Cooper - Author
Thomas Philbrick - Edited and with an introduction by
Marianne Philbrick - Edited and with an introduction by

An exciting tale of nautical adventure on the waters of colonial New York Harbor.

Chiefly set on the waters and islands of New York Harbor in the early years of the 1700s, James Fenimore Cooper’s novel The Water-Witch (1830) paints a vivid picture of life in the little colonial port. It was familiar territory for Cooper, who a century later had served as a junior officer on ...(Read More)
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