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New York's Great Lost Ballparks
New York's Great Lost Ballparks (October 2022)
Bob Carlin - Author

Tells the story of New York's playing grounds, teams, and ballparks of yesteryear.

New York's Great Lost Ballparks tells the story of New York playing grounds and ballparks of yesteryear. Organized by region and city, the book includes a complete list of New York's historic ballparks in an easy-to-read guidebook format. Each listing includes the name and location of the park...(Read More)
Notable Civil War Veterans of Oswego County, New York
Notable Civil War Veterans of Oswego County, New York (October 2022)
Natalie Joy Woodall - Author

Recounts the compelling stories of Civil War soldiers and sailors who lived in Oswego County, New York.

Of the 400,000 men from New York State called to duty in the Union armed forces during the Civil War, approximately 12,000 or 75% of the voting population, called Oswego County home. Veterans from other states or Canada later settled in Oswego County and made the place their home...(Read More)
A Passionate Life
A Passionate Life (September 2022)
W. H. H.. Murray, from Preacher to Progressive
Randall S. Beach - Author

The first full biography of W. H. H. Murray (1849-1904), a Boston preacher often described as the father of the American outdoor movement and the modern vacation.

One hundred fifty years ago, the Adirondack Mountains were overrun. Thousands of middle-class urbanites from Boston and New York City abandoned the comfort of their homes and rushed into the unknown, northern wilderness, ...(Read More)
Dear Uncles
Dear Uncles (September 2022)
The Civil War Letters of Arthur McKinstry, a Soldier in the Excelsior Brigade
Rick Barram - Editor

A New York soldier's eyewitness account of life in the first year of the Civil War, from the campgrounds to the battlefields.

Dear Uncles is one young man's story from the beginning of the American Civil War. Taken from letters sent home to family and friends, including correspondence written for his uncles' local newspaper, this book gives an intimate portrait of Arthur McK...(Read More)
Stories, Streets, and Saints
Stories, Streets, and Saints (September 2022)
Photographs and Oral Histories from Boston's North End
Anthony V. Riccio - Author
Nicholas Dello Russo - Foreword by
James Pasto - Epilogue by

The Sea Lions
The Sea Lions (September 2022)
Or, The Lost Sealers
James Fenimore Cooper - Author
James P. Elliott - Historical introduction and text
Lance Schachterle - Historical introduction and text
R. D. Madison - Explanatory notes

An exciting adventure tale of sealers caught in the Antarctic ice in the early nineteenth century and forced to winter over in extreme conditions.

The Sea Lions (1849) is the twelfth and last of Cooper's sea novels, a genre he largely invented. Drawing upon memories from nearly three decades earlier of his own ventures in whaling and his reviews of accounts of exploring and ...(Read More)
Truly Blessed and Highly Favored
Truly Blessed and Highly Favored (September 2022)
A Memoir
H. Carl McCall - Author
Paul Grondahl - With

The Letchworth State Park Atlas
The Letchworth State Park Atlas (August 2022)
Exploring Its Nature, History, and Tourism through Maps
Stephen J. Tulowiecki - Author

A visitor's companion to New York's Letchworth State Park, richly illustrated with over ninety maps and thirty-five photographs.

With thundering waterfalls, towering cliffs, and vibrant autumn foliage, Letchworth State Park in New York is one of the most scenically spectacular parks in the eastern United States, attracting one million visitors per year. Modern tourists primarily vi...(Read More)
Lichen Tufts, from the Alleghanies
Lichen Tufts, from the Alleghanies (July 2022)
Elizabeth C. Wright - Author
Emily E. VanDette - Intro and commentary
Laurie Lounsberry Meehan - Afterword

An important and prescient early example of US environmental writing with a profound sense of consciousness and appreciation for the natural world.

In her 1860 book Lichen Tufts, from the Alleghanies, Elizabeth C. Wright weaves together environmental philosophy, lyrical nature writing, and social consciousness. A graduate of Alfred University, Wright was an activist for wome...(Read More)
Signs of Distinction
Signs of Distinction (July 2022)
The History of New York State as Told by 51 Welcome Signs
Chuck D'Imperio - Author

Fifty-one unique New York towns with great stories to tell, from L. Frank Baum's and Jello's hometowns to the birthplace of the Women's Rights Movement.

Across New York State, small towns and big cities alike have stories to tell. A unique travel guide for history buffs, Signs of Distinction delves into the varied stories revealed on town welcome signs. Welcome signs in ever...(Read More)
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