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Nursing and Health Care for the Homeless
Nursing and Health Care for the Homeless (July 1993)
Juanita K. Hunter - Editor

"As the triple threat of homelessness, AIDS, and substance abuse erodes the resources of the health care system, information relative to providing care for this 'at risk' population will become more valuable. A book reflective of the experiences of persons working in the field should be invaluable to providers of care and to student educators and researchers. Personally, my belief is that a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural approach to the soluti...(Read More)
The Life of Illness
The Life of Illness (December 1992)
One Woman's Journey
Carol T. Olson - Author

"Olson's work is a lesson. It shows to health care professionals and others who are involved in lives of illness that a health care theology, although a hidden paradigm, is a reality. In the midst of a health care system that is primarily dedicated to economics, technology, politics, and industry, Olson gives voice to the hidden paradigm and reminds us that we need to recapture a synthesis between the health care culture and faith." -- Qualitat...(Read More)
Inside Nursing
Inside Nursing (February 1992)
A Critical Ethnography of Clinical Nursing Practice
Annette Fay Street - Author

By exploring and analyzing the experiences and impressions of nurses, Annette Fay Street provides an intimate account of clinical practice and what those experiences mean in the profession. She highlights the realities and daily conflicts with which clinical nurses must deal, and offers insights into the culture and thinking that informs and transforms their work.

"The profession is undergoing radical changes, and this topic is very timely....(Read More)
The Practical, Moral, and Personal Sense of Nursing
The Practical, Moral, and Personal Sense of Nursing (July 1990)
A Phenomenological Philosophy of Practice
Anne H. Bishop - Author
John R. Scudder Jr. - Author

"This study is seriously needed, not only within the nursing profession, but equally within the medical profession (which too often is blinded by failure to recognize the critical place of nursing practice), and by those who administer health care institutions ( who too often seem oblivious of the significance of nurses and their practices for the integrity of institutional life and ethics)." -- Richard M. Zaner, Ann Geddes Stahlman Professor of Me...(Read More)
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