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The Self-Disclosure of God
The Self-Disclosure of God (January 1998)
Principles of Ibn al-'Arabi's Cosmology
William C. Chittick - Author

Explicates the cosmology of Ibn al-Arabi, the greatest mystical thinker of Islamic civilization.

The Self-Disclosure of God offers the most detailed presentation to date in any Western language of the basic teachings of Islam’s greatest mystical philosopher and theologian. It represents a major step forward in making available to the Western reading public the enormous riches of Islamic teachings i...(Read More)
Advice to the Serious Seeker
Advice to the Serious Seeker (April 1997)
Meditations on the Teaching of Frithjof Schuon
James S. Cutsinger - Author

This is an introduction to the perennialist school of comparative religious philosophy and a guidebook for the general reader seeking intellectually serious but accessible answers to questions about the spiritual life.

"A magnificent introduction to the greatest religious thinker of our century." -- Huston Smith, author of The World's Religions

"To have been brought up and educated in the mod...(Read More)
Exploring Unseen Worlds
Exploring Unseen Worlds (March 1997)
William James and the Philosophy of Mysticism
G. William Barnard - Author

Demonstrates convincingly the extent to which James's psychological and philosophical perspectives also continue to be a rich resource for those specifically interested in the study of mysticism. A critically-sophisticated, yet gripping, immersion into the inner worlds of one of America's foremost thinkers.

Exploring Unseen Worlds is a critically sophisticated, yet gripping immersion into the inner worlds of one of America'...(Read More)
Florence Nightingale in Egypt and Greece
Florence Nightingale in Egypt and Greece (December 1996)
Her Diary and "Visions"
Michael D. Calabria - Author

A remarkable spiritual testimony, this complete transcription of Florence Nightingale's hitherto-unpublished diary (recorded during visits to Egypt and Greece in 1850) reveals the troubled period during which she finally realized that the answer to her call from God lay in service to humanity.

Prior to her heroic efforts in nursing during the Crimean War, Florence Nightingale experienced tremendous psychological and spir...(Read More)
Holy Men and Holy Women
Holy Men and Holy Women (October 1996)
Old English Prose Saints' Lives and Their Contexts
Paul E. Szarmach - Editor

This is a collection of essays on the literature of "saints' lives" in Anglo-Saxon literature.

"This book will fill a major gap in the field of Anglo-Saxon studies. The prose saints' lives represent a major body of surviving Old English literature, and have much to tell us about the culture, intellectual history, and literary traditions of the Anglo-Saxon period, but they have been generally neglected in favor of poeti...(Read More)
Visionary Worlds
Visionary Worlds (March 1996)
The Making and Unmaking of Reality
Lee Irwin - Author

Considers the role and significance of imagination and the myth-making processes that engage human beings in constructing a viable, living world of meaningful relations, beliefs and social interactions.

Visionary Worlds examines the role and significance of imagination and the myth-making processes that engage human beings in constructing a viable, living world of meaningful relations, beliefs, and social interact...(Read More)
Changes of Mind
Changes of Mind (March 1996)
A Holonomic Theory of the Evolution of Consciousness
Jenny Wade - Author

An original theory of the development of consciousness that brings together research from neurology, new-paradigm studies, psychology, and mysticism.

"In this stunningly original book, Dr. Wade presents a theory of development that begins before birth and ends after death. She extends the boundaries of development in a way that leads us to rethink the nature of consciousness and the relation of consciousness to t...(Read More)
Disruption (February 1996)
David Appelbaum - Author

This book is about the disruption of the intellect that awakens consciousness to its wholeness and purpose. When consciousness is fractured, its world-making powers are momentarily disrupted. In the gap, during which spatio-temporal categories of thought cease to apply, consciousness realigns with that which it is meant to serve. The moment of self-remembering--shocking, unique, and truthful--leaves a call to obedience in its wake. To refuse to resp...(Read More)
Praises to a Formless God
Praises to a Formless God (February 1996)
Nirguni Texts from North India
David N. Lorenzen - Author

Discusses and translates important compositions by famous Nirguni poets--poets dedicated to the worship of a formless God.

"Finally a scholar of proven erudition in Hindi texts has brought to the English-speaking world a powerful and pleasing introduction to the radical spirituality of medieval Hinduism. With fresh and interesting translations, Lorenzen has breathed new life into that acerbic and striking saint, Kabir, ...(Read More)
Kierkegaard and the Concept of Revelation
Kierkegaard and the Concept of Revelation (November 1995)
Steven M. Emmanuel - Author

Provides the first comprehensive interpretation of Kierkegaard's view of Christian revelation and demonstrates the central importance of that concept for understanding the development of his religious philosophy.

Gathering together the various strands of Kierkegaard's thought--his understanding of the relationship between faith and reason, the relevance of historical knowledge to faith, the nature of religious conversion...(Read More)
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