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Boehme (July 1991)
An Intellectual Biography of the Seventeenth-Century Philosopher and Mystic
Andrew Weeks - Author

This is a biography of one of the most original and one of the least understood seminal writers of the Baroque world, Jacob Boehme.

"This is the first book which describes Boehme's writings in the context of the events of his time as well as of his own life. It is a major contribution to Boehme material and to studies of seventeenth-century German thought." -- Henry Le Roy Finch, Hunter College

"The author's ability to provide an ove...(Read More)
Poetry of Contemplation
Poetry of Contemplation (June 1990)
John Donne, George Herbert, Henry Vaughan, and the Modern Period
Arthur L. Clements - Author

“The author addresses the subtle, difficult question of whether poetry by its nature has a redemptive quality; that is, has poetry the intrinsic power to transform the perspective from that of the little ego to that of the Self? By studying in detail three poets, the author provides substantial evidence for affirming poetry's redemptive power and carries the implications of the analysis of seventeenth-century poetry into the twentieth cent...(Read More)
Evelyn Underhill
Evelyn Underhill (August 1988)
Modern Guide to the Ancient Quest for the Holy
Dana Greene - Editor

Evelyn Underhill was a pioneer in revitalizing interest in mysticism and in the spiritual life as lived by ordinary people. Here are some of her articles that demonstrate the variety and development of her thought over forty years. The themes of magic and mysticism, prayer and pacifism are all considered, with particular emphasis on Underhill's focus on personal religious experience, its nurturance in prayer, its protection by institutional religi...(Read More)
Inner Experience
Inner Experience (April 1988)
Georges Bataille - Author
Leslie Anne Boldt-Irons - Translation and introduction by

"English readers will now be able to appreciate what many consider Bataille's finest work, undoubtedly one of the outstanding texts of modern French writing, just as they will be able to fill a major gap in the history of post-structuralist thought. Whereas Bataille may be the acknowledged forefather of such figures as Barthes, Foucault, and Derrida, this centrality is often not appreciated by American admirers of the latter."
-- Michele Richman...(Read More)
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