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Culturally Contested Pedagogy
Culturally Contested Pedagogy (November 2005)
Battles of Literacy and Schooling between Mainstream Teachers and Asian Immigrant Parents
Guofang Li - Author

Advocates for a greater cultural understanding of minority beliefs in literacy education and a more critical examination of mainstream instructional practices.

The voices of teachers, parents, and students create a compelling ethnographic study that examines the debate between traditional and progressive pedagogies in literacy education and the mismatch of cross-cultural discourses between mainstream schools ...(Read More)

Urban Education with an Attitude
Urban Education with an Attitude (March 2005)
Lauri Johnson - Editor
Mary E. Finn - Editor
Rebecca Lewis - Editor

Teachers, community activists, and parents acknowledge and applaud democratic educational systems that establish partnerships between universities and the urban communities they serve.

This book profiles local and national efforts to transform urban education and reinvent urban teacher preparation. It describes real programs in real urban schools that have developed policy initiatives that promote educational equity, ...(Read More)
Beyond Silenced Voices
Beyond Silenced Voices (March 2005)
Class, Race, and Gender in United States Schools, Revised Edition
Lois Weis - Editor
Michelle Fine - Editor

2006 AESA Critics’ Choice Awards (American Educational Studies Association)

A thoroughly revised and updated edition of the classic text. Focuses on the roles of hope, participation, and change in reforming American schools.

Resting on the belief that educators must be at the center of informing education policy, the contributors to this revised edition of the classic text raise tough ques...(Read More)
Leaving Children Behind
Leaving Children Behind (November 2004)
How "Texas-style" Accountability Fails Latino Youth
Angela Valenzuela - Editor

Argues for a more valid and democratic approach to assessment and accountability.

The federal government has based much of its education policies on those adopted in Texas. This book examines how "Texas-style" accountability—the notion that decisions governing retention, promotion, and graduation should be based on a single test score—fails Latina/o youth and their communities. The contributors, ma...(Read More)
Defining and Designing Multiculturalism
Defining and Designing Multiculturalism (November 2002)
One School System's Efforts
Pepi Leistyna - Author
Peter L. McLaren - Foreword by

An activist group works to bring a multicultural education program to an urban public school system.

Just outside a major urban center on the east coast of the United States an activist group struggled to create a system-wide multicultural education program. Through a seven-year qualitative study, Pepi Leistyna documents and interprets—via a critical pedagogical lens—this group’s work with professiona...(Read More)
Diversity, Multiculturalism and Social Justice
Diversity, Multiculturalism and Social Justice (August 2002)
Seth N. Asumah - Editor
Ibipo Johnston-Anumonwo - Editor

An interdisciplinary reader exploring issues related to diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice.

Diversity, Multiculturalism and Social Justice is a multidisciplinary reader for undergraduates taking courses in a wide variety of topics in Multicultural and Diversity Studies, International Studies, Minority and Ethnic Studies, Women’s Studies, African American Studies, African Studies, an...(Read More)
Educating Culturally Responsive Teachers
Educating Culturally Responsive Teachers (December 2001)
A Coherent Approach
Ana Maria Villegas - Author
Tamara Lucas - Author

Provides a coherent framework for preparing teachers to work with a diverse student population.

Offering a conceptual framework and practical strategies for teacher preparation in schools with increasingly diverse racial and ethnic student populations, this book presents a coherent approach to educating culturally responsive teachers. The authors focus on the importance of recruiting and preparing a diverse teaching f...(Read More)
Challenges of Urban Education
Challenges of Urban Education (February 2000)
Sociological Perspectives for the Next Century
Karen A. McClafferty - Editor
Carlos Alberto Torres - Editor
Theodore R. Mitchell - Editor

Presents current research and theoretical perspectives on the challenges facing educators in U.S. urban schools.

"This book is definitely on the cutting edge of educational sociology theory and practice." -- Yali Zou, author of Ethnic Identity and Power: Cultural Contexts of Political Action in School and Society

A supplemental text with a fresh, bold edge, Challenges of Urban Education includes a range of topics ...(Read More)
Words in the Wilderness
Words in the Wilderness (January 2000)
Critical Literacy in the Borderlands
Stephen Gilbert Brown - Author
Gary A. Olson - Foreword by

2001 W. Ross Winterowd Award, Best book in composition theory presented by JAC and the Association of Teachers of Advanced Composition
Blends vivid personal accounts and sophisticated theoretical analysis to make a compelling book about one teacher's experience teaching on an Athabascan Indian Reservation in Alaska.
Using the author's intensely personal, reflective, provocative account of his time teaching on an Athabascan ...(Read More)
Cultural Activisms
Cultural Activisms (January 1999)
Poetic Voices, Political Voices
Gertrude M. James Gonzalez - Editor
Anne J. M. Mamary - Editor

Offers a multiple-genred mosaic of multiple resistances to oppression through a variety of styles and mediums.

This text presents art and writing which is political rather than theorizing about how art and writing might be political. The wide array of voices and styles is one of the book's strengths as it not only offers a multi-faceted approach toward activism and positive change, but also speaks a range of emotions fr...(Read More)
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