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Understanding Minority-Serving Institutions
Understanding Minority-Serving Institutions (March 2008)
Marybeth Gasman - Editor
Benjamin Baez - Editor
Caroline Sotello Viernes Turner - Editor
Walter R. Allen - Foreword by

Explores the particulars of minority-serving institutions while also highlighting their interconnectedness.

Understanding Minority-Serving Institutions explores these important institutions while also highlighting their interconnectedness, with the hope of sparking collaboration among the various types. Minority-serving institutions (MSIs) enroll and graduate the majority of students of color in the United St...(Read More)
Grappling with Diversity
Grappling with Diversity (February 2008)
Readings on Civil Rights Pedagogy and Critical Multiculturalism
Susan Schramm-Pate - Editor
Rhonda B. Jeffries - Editor

Addresses the concerns of the marginalized in the American school curriculum.

Written for classroom and pre-service teachers who wish to adopt a “civil rights pedagogy,” Grappling with Diversity illuminates the diverse worldviews of people in our nation’s history who are usually omitted, marginalized, or misrepresented in the American school curriculum. In order to prepare young people to in...(Read More)
Teaching Writing with Latino/a Students
Teaching Writing with Latino/a Students (August 2007)
Lessons Learned at Hispanic-Serving Institutions
Cristina Kirklighter - Editor
Diana Cárdenas - Editor
Susan Wolff Murphy - Editor

Engages the complexities of teaching Latino/a students at Hispanic-Serving Institutions.

This groundbreaking collection brings together the eclectic voices of two-year and four-year writing teachers at Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) throughout the United States to explore the complexities of teaching writing with Latino/a students. Made up of narratives, qualitative studies, and conversations, the book presen...(Read More)
Late to Class
Late to Class (April 2007)
Social Class and Schooling in the New Economy
Jane A. Van Galen - Editor
George W. Noblit - Editor
Michael W. Apple - Foreword by

2007 AESA Critics’ Choice Award

Looks at the educational experiences of poor, working class, and middle class students against the backdrop of complicated class stratification in a shifting global economy.

Late to Class presents theoretical, empirical, and pedagogical perspectives on social class and schooling in the United States. Grounding their analyses at the intersections of c...(Read More)
Teacher Education with an Attitude
Teacher Education with an Attitude (March 2007)
Preparing Teachers to Educate Working-Class Students in Their Collective Self-Interest
Patrick J. Finn - Editor
Mary E. Finn - Editor

Explores collaborative, democratic ways of preparing teachers to educate urban, working-class students.

Using a social justice approach to teacher education, the contributing teacher educators address the need to prepare teachers to understand the way social class, race, and culture impact their efforts to educate working-class students. By helping prepare teachers to strengthen democracy through education, the co...(Read More)
Strengthening the African American Educational Pipeline
Strengthening the African American Educational Pipeline (March 2007)
Informing Research, Policy, and Practice
Jerlando F. L. Jackson - Editor
Gloria Ladson-Billings - Foreword by

2008 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title

One of the most comprehensive books examining the experiences of African Americans throughout the educational enterprise.

Focusing on pre-K–12 schools, higher education, and social influences, this book examines the following question: What systemic set of strategies is necessary to improve the conditions for African Americans throughout the e...(Read More)
Mexicans and Hispanos in Colorado Schools and Communities, 1920-1960
Mexicans and Hispanos in Colorado Schools and Communities, 1920-1960 (January 2007)
Rubén Donato - Author

2007 AESA Critics’ Choice Award

Examines the social and educational experiences of Mexicans and Hispanos in Colorado from 1920 to 1960.

Until now, much of what has been written about Mexican American educational history has focused on California and Texas, while Colorado’s story has remained largely untold. Rubén Donato recounts the social and educational history of Mexicans ...(Read More)
On Spiritual Strivings
On Spiritual Strivings (June 2006)
Transforming an African American Woman's Academic Life
Cynthia B. Dillard - Author

2008 AESA Critics’ Choice Award

Offers both a theoretical and concrete example of what W. E. B. Du Bois called “spiritual strivings.”

This engaging book offers a personal look at how centering spirituality in an academic life transforms its very foundations—its epistemology, paradigm, and methods—and becomes the site for spiritual healing and service to the world....(Read More)
From Center to Margins
From Center to Margins (May 2006)
The Importance of Self-Definition in Research
Diane S. Pollard - Editor
Olga M. Welch - Editor
Christine E. Sleeter - Foreword by

Considers perspectives from a diverse group of women educational researchers of color who center their discussion within the margins rather than from the center.

In From Center to Margins, women educational researchers of color, trained in mainstream Euro-American traditions, interpret the experiences of those, including themselves, who are marginalized by these very traditions. Deliberately looking at research...(Read More)
Multiethnic Literature and Canon Debates
Multiethnic Literature and Canon Debates (May 2006)
Mary Jo Bona - Editor
Irma Maini - Editor

Examines the making of multiethnic literature and its place both in the classroom and in popular culture.

This groundbreaking collection reinvigorates the debate over the inclusion of multiethnic literature in the American literary canon. While multiethnic literature has earned a place in the curriculum on many large campuses, it is still a controversial topic at many others, as recent campus and corporate revivals of...(Read More)
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