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Metaphysics of Natural Complexes
Metaphysics of Natural Complexes (December 1989)
Second, Expanded Edition
Justus Buchler - Author
Kathleen Wallace - Editor
Armen Marsoobian - Editor
Robert S. Corrington - Editor
Kathleen Wallace - Introduction

During the past two decades Metaphysics of Natural Complexes has exerted a strong a growing influence on the continuing development of contemporary philosophy. This new and expanded edition acknowledges this influence and brings together much material. Included are the previously published articles “On the Concept of 'the World,'” and “Probing the Idea of Nature,” which Buchler wrote subsequent to Metaphysics...(Read More)
The Metaphysics of Evolution
The Metaphysics of Evolution (November 1989)
David L. Hull - Editor

"Hull covers a set of topics that are of central importance to systematists and other evolutionists as well as to philosophers and historians of science: individuality, classification, historical explanation, human nature, and much more." -- Michael J. Donoghue, University of Arizona

This critical collection of essays represents the best of the best when it comes to philosophy of biology. Many chapters treat evolution as a biological...(Read More)
Hypothesis and the Spiral of Reflection
Hypothesis and the Spiral of Reflection (September 1989)
David Weissman - Author

"It is without any doubt Weissman's most mature, richest work and builds nicely on his earlier volumes, especially Intuition and Ideality. It is downright delightful to see a careful thinker unabashedly engaged in the great speculative enterprise of metaphysics and to observe with what skill he avoids the minefields that had blown up his predecessors. Hypothesis and the Spiral of Reflection is an important book by a rapidly developing major...(Read More)
Metaphysical Aporia and Philosophical Heresy
Metaphysical Aporia and Philosophical Heresy (July 1989)
Stephen David Ross - Author

From Descartes to the present, there has been a call for a new beginning in philosophy. Contemporary continental philosophy and American pragmatism continue to proclaim the end of one philosophic tradition and the beginning of another. The basis for many of these developments is the repudiation of metaphysics.

The purpose of this book is to rethink the metaphysical traditions in terms of the continental and pragmatist critique...(Read More)
The Reality of Time
The Reality of Time (December 1988)
Errol E. Harris - Author

"This is a substantial and well-written essay on a key topic in metaphysics, by a distinguished and seasoned metaphysician who is also a master of the scientific literature of recent decades. The writing is vigorous, concise, and clear, and the examples are aptly chosen and lucidly formulated. It is a book of unique distinction." -- George L. Kline, Milton C. Nahm Professor of Philosophy, Bryn Mawr College

"It is a beautiful piece of deep p...(Read More)
Hartshorne and the Metaphysics of Animal Rights
Hartshorne and the Metaphysics of Animal Rights (July 1988)
Daniel A. Dombrowski - Author

"This book is not simply for philosophers and students of Charles Hartshorne. It is for those who would learn more about the nature of Divinity and of Man's place in Nature." -- Dr. Michael W. Fox, Scientific Director, The Humane Society of the United States

"It adds an important name to the growing roster of informed thinkers who are concerned about how humans do -- and how we should -- treat nonhuman a...(Read More)
Reason and Justice
Reason and Justice (July 1988)
Richard Dien Winfield - Author

This is a finely argued, detailed, and comprehensive systematic theory of justice, brilliantly extending Hegelian ethics much as Rawls's Theory of Justice rehabilitated and extended classical Liberalism. Winfield argues that justice, like reason, must be self-grounding, and that to achieve this, it must be self-determined. The theory of justice must therefore abandon its appeal to metaphysically given or transcendentally constituted norms a...(Read More)
The World View of Contemporary Physics
The World View of Contemporary Physics (July 1988)
Does It Need a New Metaphysics?
Richard F. Kitchener - Editor

Although early twentieth century physics produced two revolutionary new conceptions of the nature of the physical universe--relativity theory and quantum theory--more recent developments in the physical sciences have made it imperative for physicists to re-examine the older world view of physics and the assumptions upon which it was based. However, theorizing about the nature and status of reality has been the province of philosophers for centuries...(Read More)
Individuality (January 1988)
An Essay on the Foundations of Metaphysics
Jorge J. E. Gracia - Author

The author begins by distinguishing six fundamental issues on the metaphysics of individuality. He then proceeds to examine the relation among these issues and to demonstrate that ignorance of the interrelationships has caused confusion in philosophy. In spite of the intricacy of the subject matter, the discussion is always clear, the arguments explicitly evaluated, and the solutions original. In addition, Gracia has assembled an array of histori...(Read More)
The Puritan Smile
The Puritan Smile (September 1987)
A Look Toward Moral Reflection
Robert Cummings Neville - Author

This book develops a contemporary metaphysics of morals. Currently the liberal tradition defines the field of moral and political theory. It contains the popular utilitarian, the deontological, and the virtue-ethics approaches to normative theory; and by a broad dialectical negation, it also defines the historical materialism of Marx. The Puritan Smile circumvents the Liberalism-Marxism dialectic with the Puritan emphasis on responsibility...(Read More)
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