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The Renewal of the Heidegger Kant Dialogue
The Renewal of the Heidegger Kant Dialogue (August 1992)
Action, Thought, and Responsibility
Frank Schalow - Author

"I regard this as one of the most important books on Kant and Heidegger that has yet been published. Once I picked it up, I could hardly put it down. Schalow succeeds, almost alone among Heidegger scholars, in bringing Heidegger's perspective to bear on questions of ethics, moral freedom, and its social implications--topics usually lost in arcane articles that find few readers. He also addresses the relationship between Heidegger and Kant with an...(Read More)
Giving the Body Its Due
Giving the Body Its Due (July 1992)
Maxine Sheets-Johnstone - Editor

"...moments of insight, recognition, nuance, and brilliance...There is a large literature at present that problematizes various aspects of the body. I do not know of a book that brings together the combination of approaches that this book does. Herein lies the real strength of the book." -- Margaret R. Miles, Bussey Professor of Historical Theology, Harvard University

These essays bring together disciplinary understandings of what it is to ...(Read More)
Hegel, Freedom, and Modernity
Hegel, Freedom, and Modernity (July 1992)
Merold Westphal - Author

"Merold Westphal is one of the most distinguished of contemporary commentators on Hegel. His work is replete with stimulating insights. He succeeds extraordinarily well in presenting the relevance of Hegel to a range of contemporary issues and thinkers, and thus the excitement of Hegel as a modern thinker. This is an exciting book." -- Paul Lakeland, Fairfield University

This book studies the intersection of Hegel's political theory...(Read More)
The Principles of Epistemology in Islamic Philosophy
The Principles of Epistemology in Islamic Philosophy (May 1992)
Knowledge by Presence
Mehdi Ha'iri Yazdi - Author
Seyyed Hossein Nasr - Foreword by

This book aims to present to western philosophers the most important theme in Islamic epistemology: knowledge by presence, the knowledge that results from immediate and intuitive awarenes, advocated by the author as a viable modern philosophical position. Treating the subject in a thoroughly philosophical manner that is comprehensible to contemporary analytical philosophers, he remains faithful to the Islamic tradition.

"Ha'iri does not fal...(Read More)
Recognition (March 1992)
Fichte and Hegel on the Other
Robert R. Williams - Author

"The most impressive aspect of this book is the full-length, detailed treatment of the idealist concept of intersubjectivity, or recognition, rarely studied in detail, virtually undiscussed in English at present. Williams' treatment of this concept is careful, informed, useful, and sticks closely to the primary text with appropriate reference to the available secondary literature and the relevant discussion by later thinkers. His study will redress ...(Read More)
Whitehead and Bradley
Whitehead and Bradley (December 1991)
A Comparative Analysis
Leemon B. McHenry - Author

In his magnum opus, Process and Reality, Alfred North Whitehead claims a special affinity to Oxford philosopher Francis Herbert Bradley. McHenry clarifies exactly how much of Whitehead's metaphysics is influenced by and accords with the main principles of Bradley's "absolute idealism." He argues that many of Whitehead's doctrines cannot be understood without an adequate understanding of Bradley, in terms of both affinities and contrasts. H...(Read More)
Nature's Perspectives
Nature's Perspectives (December 1990)
Prospects for Ordinal Metaphysics
Armen Marsoobian - Editor
Kathleen Wallace - Editor
Robert S. Corrington - Editor

"Justus Buchler is an original American philosopher whose powerful, systematic categorial thinking does not fit easily into any of the usual classifications of philosophical schools. While maintaining a commitment to the philosophical tradition's aim at the utmost lucidity and generality, Buchler was a thoroughgoing critic of all versions of what he called 'ontological priority,' the view that some things or characteristics are more real or more me...(Read More)
Plato and the Foundations of Metaphysics
Plato and the Foundations of Metaphysics (October 1990)
A Work on the Theory of the Principles and Unwritten Doctrines of Plato with a Collection of the Fundamental Documents
Hans Joachim Kramer - Author
John R. Catan - Editor/translator

This is a book about the relationship of the two traditions of Platonic interpretation -- the indirect and the direct traditions, the written dialogues and the unwritten doctrines. Kramer, who is the foremost proponent of the Tubingen School of interpretation, presents the unwritten doctrines as the crown of Plato's system and the key revealing it.

Kramer unfolds the philosophical significance of the unwritten doctrines in their fullness. H...(Read More)
A Path into Metaphysics
A Path into Metaphysics (July 1990)
Phenomenological, Hermeneutical, and Dialogical Studies
Robert E. Wood - Author

"This is a brilliant 'introduction' to metaphysics, beginning with the creation of a metaphysical system (Part I) and then defending it through a reading of the Western tradition (Part II). The writing is clear and persuasive throughout; it does not presuppose antecedent knowledge of the tradition, or of any present context defining 'metaphysics.' Rather, the book develops what it needs of those things as it goes along; hence it would be splendid a...(Read More)
Whitehead's Metaphysics of Creativity
Whitehead's Metaphysics of Creativity (March 1990)
Friedrich Rapp - Editor
Reiner Wiehl - Editor

This book discusses the problems raised by Whitehead's metaphysics of creativity--metaphysics focused on dynamic becoming rather than on static being--and the proposed solutions to those problems. Whitehead adds a new dimension to the issues of traditional metaphysics by taking into account the world view of our civilization and the results of modern science. His all-embracing speculative cosmology provides a synthesis which goes far beyond the de...(Read More)
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