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Images of American Life
Images of American Life (July 1992)
A History of Ideological Management in Schools, Movies, Radio, and Television
Joel Spring - Author

This book analyzes the effect of political and economic forces on the ideas and values disseminated to the general public by schools, movies, radio, and television. The author shows how similar and conflicting political and economic pressures influence education, movies, and broadcasting. The book provides an understanding of how ideas are shaped in American society by the interplay between government power, private enterprise, and organized advoc...(Read More)
Media Knowledge
Media Knowledge (March 1992)
Readings in Popular Culture, Pedagogy, and Critical Citizenship
James Schwoch - Author
Miriam White - Author
Susan Reilly - Author

"No existing work so deftly combines history and cultural analysis of the media age or embraces so wide a range of technologies." -- Cecelia Tichi, Vanderbilt University

"This volume gives critical substance to the idea that media knowledge is more than its seeming facticity, more than the insights brought to us by technologies that possess a privileged and transparent access to the real. Media literacy, as advocated by Schwoch, White, and R...(Read More)
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