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Connecting (August 2002)
How We Form Social Bonds and Communities in the Internet Age
Mary Chayko - Author

Explores how we come to feel connected to those we have never met face-to-face.

How do we become connected to people we have never met in person? From celebrities to faraway relatives, from favorite writers to thinkers to people we meet on-line, we form a host of subtle, invisible, but very real social connections with distant others. In Connecting, Mary Chayko investigates how physically separated people manag...(Read More)
The Best Olympics Ever?
The Best Olympics Ever? (August 2002)
Social Impacts of Sydney 2000
Helen Jefferson Lenskyj - Author

Uses the Sydney Olympics as a prism through which to explore recent Olympic scandals, media coverage, reform efforts, and controversies.

Despite International Olympic Committee president Juan Antonio Samarach’s proclaiming the Sydney 2000 Olympics as the “best ever,” the truth of the matter is much less one-sided. In The Best Olympics Ever? Helen Jefferson Lenskyj discloses what the Sydney 2000 Olympic industr...(Read More)
Waste-Site Stories
Waste-Site Stories (April 2002)
The Recycling of Memory
Brian Neville - Editor
Johanne Villeneuve - Editor

Explorations in the aesthetics of waste and the material infrastructure of memory.
Ours is a wasteful society, consumed with care for its remains, according to the contributors of Waste-Site Stories. Here scholars from around the world probe current notions of waste and the ways in which remains of different kinds recover value in the act of recollection and recycling. In the wake of destructive ex...(Read More)
Color of Rape
Color of Rape (October 2001)
Gender and Race in Television's Public Spheres
Sujata Moorti - Author

Honorable Mention--2003 Myers Outstanding Book Award presented by The Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Bigotry and Human Rights in North America

Analyzes the depiction of rape on television network news, daytime shows, prime time programming, and alternative programming.

Through an analysis of television images of rape, this book makes important contributions to theories of the public...(Read More)
Split Screen
Split Screen (November 2000)
Belgian Cinema and Cultural Identity
Philip Mosley - Author

Explores the historical evolution of Belgian cinema as well as its contemporary situation within the evolving contexts of global media and European unity.

In presenting the first English language study of Belgian cinema, Split Screen explores the fascinating history of a cinema largely determined by linguistic division and beset by problems of cultural identity. This "split screen" characterizes the Belgian cinem...(Read More)
Image and Imperialism in the Ottoman Revolutionary Press, 1908-1911
Image and Imperialism in the Ottoman Revolutionary Press, 1908-1911 (March 2000)
Palmira Brummett - Author

An illustrated work focusing on the ways in which satirical publications revealed evolution in Ottoman society.

Palmira Brummett provides a new vision, through the prism of 100 cartoons, of the confrontation between tradition and modernity, "Orient" and "Occident," and rhetoric and reality. Taking a unique period in modern Middle Eastern history, the Ottoman Constitutional Revolution of 1908, Brummett examines the Istanb...(Read More)
Images of the U.S. around the World
Images of the U.S. around the World (November 1998)
A Multicultural Perspective
Yahya R. Kamalipour - Editor

Examines how peoples of other nations perceive the U.S., how media of other nations portray the U.S., and how exported media products impact the U.S. image around the world.

In Images of the U.S. around the World more than thirty researchers and scholars representing twenty countries examine the perception of the United States as evidenced by other nations' media portrayal, and through the impact of exported media products world...(Read More)
Cultural Diversity and the U.S. Media
Cultural Diversity and the U.S. Media (September 1998)
Yahya R. Kamalipour - Editor
Theresa Carilli - Editor

Combining case studies and critical analysis, this book examines how the electronic and print media's representation of cultural groups such as African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Native Americans, Latinos, and Chicanos contribute to the understanding (and misunderstanding) of this country's cultural experience.

This book provides rich and detailed accounts of how the media filters racial/ethnic identity through economic...(Read More)
Living Pictures
Living Pictures (April 1998)
The Origins of the Movies
Deac Rossell - Author

CHOICE 1999 Outstanding Academic Book

A history of the near-simultaneous emergence of moving pictures in several countries in the mid-1890s and a thorough reevaluation of the development of the technology.

This is the first book in English in nearly half a century to tell the full story of the international development of the first films, the origins of celluloid itself, the background of mag...(Read More)
Visual Intelligence
Visual Intelligence (June 1997)
Perception, Image, and Manipulation in Visual Communication
Ann Marie Seward Barry - Author

Cuts across perceptual psychology, art, television, film, literature, advertising, and political communication to give the reader critical insight into the holistic logic and emotional power of the images that dominate our lives.

"We have always been interested in 'what images mean,' but in the current era of expanding visual technologies, the question is critical. Visual intelligence is recognized as an aspect of intell...(Read More)
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