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High-Speed Management and Organizational Communication in the 1990s
High-Speed Management and Organizational Communication in the 1990s (March 1994)
A Reader
Sarah Sanderson King - Editor
Donald P. Cushman - Editor

"This book brings together a theoretically interesting and pragmatically useful collection of writings in the area of high speed managment and global business. The role of high-speed management in the survival of corporations provides a refreshing and needed perspective on changing values and conditions in the global marketplace. The authors present a series of fascinating perspectives on the topic of high speed management and organizational commu...(Read More)
Catching Up?
Catching Up? (October 1993)
Organizational and Management Change in the Ex-Socialist Block
Andrzej Kozminski - Author

"It descends beneath the aggregate level and provides concrete cases about how East European economies are changing. It is refreshing in its evidence and original in its approach -- a fascinating account of East European restructuring." -- Alice H. Amsden, New School for Social Research

"The book leads us to discard ideological media hype, and forces us to assess a rather uncertain future with solid, empirical evidence. It provides insightf...(Read More)
Technocracy at Work
Technocracy at Work (July 1993)
Beverly H. Burris - Author

Technocracy, loosely defined, is "rule by experts." Technocracy at Work focuses on the organizational dimensions and aspects of technocracy.

Substantial sociological literatures have analyzed contemporary changes in factories, bureaucracies, and professional organizations. What has not been well investigated is the interrelatedness of these changes and the emergence of technocracy in the workplace. This book fills thi...(Read More)
Organizational Communication and Management
Organizational Communication and Management (January 1993)
A Global Perspective
Andrzej Kozminski - Editor
Donald P. Cushman - Editor

"The role of communication, in general, and high speed management in particular in the new global economy is of particular importance to world politicians and business people if they are to compete effectively in the world marketplace of the next few decades. The significance of the new communication technologies in these developments, with their lasting impact on both the public and private sectors, is particularly noteworthy. This book provides ...(Read More)
Work in the Fast Lane
Work in the Fast Lane (January 1992)
Flexibility, Divisions of Labor, and Inequality in High-Tech Industries
Glenna Colclough - Author
Charles M. Tolbert II - Author

Arguing that a new form of industrial organization is generating new patterns of inequality, the authors explore the relationship between growth in the high-tech sector and trends in inequality. While considering the promise of high-tech industries in light of the realities of high-tech work, the authors report considerable unevenness in the high-tech sector. Some high-tech industries fulfill optimistic expectations, but others are in decline. In...(Read More)
Perspectives on Management Capacity Building
Perspectives on Management Capacity Building (January 1986)
Beth W. Honadle - Editor
Arnold M. Howitt - Editor

Perspectives on Management Capacity Building provides a lively spectrum of views on the problems and prospects of improving the management and performance of municipal governments in the United States. Leading specialists in public administration probe the management needs of local governments and explore ways in which they can improve their capacity to manage. Today, state and local governments are caught in the transition between the expa...(Read More)
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