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Writing Students
Writing Students (December 1994)
Composition Testimonials and Representations of Students
Marguerite H. Helmers - Author

This is a book about the usual teacher-student relationship in composition courses. It disrupts and rewrites the commonplace conception of the relationship by revealing the uneven ways in which power is deployed in and around the classroom. And it offers a responsible alternative. The author not only offers teachers a way of learning about power relations at their own specific sites, but also works towards a more equitable redistribution.

Dra...(Read More)
Literacy as Social Exchange
Literacy as Social Exchange (October 1994)
Intersections of Class, Gender, and Culture
Maureen M. Hourigan - Author

Literacy as Social Exchange examines the intersection of culture and literacy education. In particular, it explores the roles that class, race, ethnicity, and gender play in students' learning to negotiate the conventions of academic discourse. It argues that recent literacy scholarship has tended to isolate class, gender, and culture as discrete, marginalizing factors, but such isolation may unintentionally silence voices from non-Western,...(Read More)
Literacy, Ideology, and Dialogue
Literacy, Ideology, and Dialogue (August 1994)
Towards a Dialogic Pedagogy
Irene Ward - Author

This is the first scholarly examination of the use of dialogic theory and pedagogy by scholars and teachers of writing. Dialogic methods have become extremely important to many different approaches to pedagogy. However, no one has yet noted that such pedagogies are being espoused by scholars and teachers who have vastly differing theoretical and ideological orientations from one another. Given the fact that the same kind of pedagogy is being prop...(Read More)
Magic, Rhetoric, and Literacy
Magic, Rhetoric, and Literacy (August 1994)
An Eccentric History of the Composing Imagination
William A. Covino - Author

"William Covino has written a powerful and deeply engaging book. I am quite taken by his ability to make a subject like magic--a topic susceptible to either an unscholarly 'light' treatment or to an unfortunate academic dismissal--accessible to a broad audience and viable to scholars. I also especially admire the range of his concerns and the thoroughness with which he grounds his discussion in theory and history." -- George Kalamaras, Indiana Unive...(Read More)
Language and Learning
Language and Learning (July 1994)
Educating Linguistically Diverse Students
Beverly McLeod - Editor

"I like the broad coverage of critical issues in bilingual/multicultural education--political, sociological, philosophical, historical, and nitty-gritty implementation issues are presented. It offers a more balanced coverage of critical issues than other publications presently available on the market."-- Manuel Ramirez III, University of Texas at Austin

This book explores the challenges of teaching an increasingly multilingual and multicultu...(Read More)
Cultural Diversity in Schools
Cultural Diversity in Schools (May 1994)
From Rhetoric to Practice
Robert A. DeVillar - Editor
Christian J. Faltis - Editor
James P. Cummins - Editor

"This work is an important and significant contribution to the field of education. The insightfulness of the editors and contributors lead us into the future, today. A future which may be difficult for some to understand and even more difficult to change; a future where communication, integration, and cooperation become fundamental organizing principles; a future where these principles can truly make school a successful context for culturally dive...(Read More)
Reclaiming the Tacit Dimension
Reclaiming the Tacit Dimension (April 1994)
Symbolic Form in the Rhetoric of Silence
George Kalamaras - Author

"A thoughtful treatment of a surprisingly important subject."--Peter Elbow, University of Massachusetts

"Kalamaras's thesis is an important one, especially at this time. He addresses a blind spot in current speculation by authenticating silence as a mode of knowing. Our thinking has been so impressed with the inevitability of language and the problem of linguistic recursion (how can language describe itself) that even the possibility of non-...(Read More)
Literacy Across Languages and Cultures
Literacy Across Languages and Cultures (March 1994)
Bernardo M. Ferdman - Editor
Rose-Marie Weber - Editor
Arnulfo G. Ramirez - Editor

"This is an important, readable, and provocative view of a field that has become politically charged. It helps redirect our attention from the rhetorical flourishes to the real cultural and pedagogical issues of the topic of literacy across cultures and languages."
-- Alan C. Purves, Director, Center for Writing and Literacy, State University of New York at Albany

This book examines the linkage between literacy and linguistic...(Read More)
Linguistics for Writers
Linguistics for Writers (February 1994)
Colleen Donnelly - Author

"I like the basic conception of the book--bringing linguistics to bear on composing. The summaries of linguistic knowledge are cogent; understandable for non-expert readers without being condescending. I think this book successfully does what some others have tried but failed to do well--translate linguistics in a practical way for rhetorical contexts." -- Evelyn Ashton-Jones, University of Idaho

This book is designed so that writers, teach...(Read More)
Political Literacy
Political Literacy (February 1994)
Rhetoric, Ideology, and the Possibility of Justice
Fredric G. Gale - Author

Political Literacy confronts and responds to the question: What is required of the citizens of a democracy to ensure their individual and social rights? Exploring the rhetoric of legal interpretation, this book answers that citizens must be so educated as to have an intellectual awareness of the inherently rhetorical nature of language.

Political Literacy
explodes the myth that justice is delivered in the measured, seemingly di...(Read More)
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