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Literacy with an Attitude
Literacy with an Attitude (September 1999)
Educating Working-Class Children in Their Own Self-Interest
Patrick J. Finn - Author

2000 Gustavus Myers Outstanding Book Awards - Honorable Mention

A passionate plea for teachers, parents, and community organizers to give working-class children the same type of empowering education and powerful literacy skills that the children of upper- and middle-class people receive. Strategies for reaching and teaching these children are presented.

This book is for teachers, parents, and c...(Read More)

The Struggle and the Tools
The Struggle and the Tools (October 1998)
Oral and Literate Strategies in an Inner City Community
Ellen Cushman - Author

Explores the daily lives of a group of inner city residents, focusing particularly upon their language use and other types of literate strategies used to gain resources, access to social institutions, and respect.

The Struggle and the Tools explores the daily lives and language use of African-American men, women, and children living in an inner city neighborhood. Based on three-and-a-half years of fieldwork, this ...(Read More)
Authoring a Life
Authoring a Life (March 1998)
A Woman's Survival In and Through Literary Studies
Brenda Daly - Author

This book begins as an autobiography, the story of an incest survivor who became an English professor, but it ends with an argument: that we must reconceptualize the language arts curriculum, from grade school through graduate school, if we are to meet the needs of our students, an alarming number of whom are survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
"This book is brave, beautiful, and practical and offers readers suggestions as well as cautio...(Read More)
Language and Limits
Language and Limits (January 1998)
Resisting Reform in English Studies
Myron C. Tuman - Author

Presents a clear and forceful counter-statement about tensions and trends in contemporary English studies, offering at the same time a carefully reasoned critique of rationalistic forces within education and culture generally.

"Language and Limits tackles an important issue, the role of critical thinking (in the neo-Marxist sense) and opposes to it, an approach that uses a broader appeal, the appeal of the imaginative apprehens...(Read More)
She Say, He Say
She Say, He Say (September 1997)
Urban Girls Write Their Lives
Brett Elizabeth Blake - Author
William Ayers - Foreword by

Examines public and private writings of low-income, urban, pre-adolescent girls, illuminating ways that girls' voices are often silenced in schools andsociety.

She Say, He Say
reveals the development of fifth-grade urban girls' voices through their own writing in the classroom. This book underscores the importance of including all of the girls' voices into the curriculum where their voices can be nurtured, cultured, and...(Read More)
Changing Work, Changing Workers
Changing Work, Changing Workers (March 1997)
Critical Perspectives on Language, Literacy, and Skills
Glynda Hull - Editor

This glimpse into factories, hospitals, other work settings, and work-related literacy programs, shows the massive changes in expectations for workers' "skills" in the twenty-first century, especially regarding language and literacy.
"The question of what workers need to know has become big business. The workplace education world--especially its language and literacy component--has been invaded by hucksters and opportunists of almost ever...(Read More)
Good Writing in Cross-Cultural Context
Good Writing in Cross-Cultural Context (November 1995)
Xiao-ming Li - Author

This dialogue between teachers of writing in China and America on what constitutes "good writing," reveals that standards are culturally situated.

"As the first ethnographical account of teachers' perceptions about good writing in China and America, this book gives the reader a whole new insight about differences and similarities in educational systems, teacher training, and teaching between two nations. The systems an...(Read More)
Schooling Young Children
Schooling Young Children (August 1995)
A Feminist Pedagogy for Liberatory Learning
Jeanne Brady - Author

This book challenges major categories of literacy, democracy, educational reform, and traditional educational theory and offers educators and cultural workers a language that allows them to create new ways of conceiving pedagogy and classroom practice andof analyzing current educational reform movements. Brady successfully constructs elements of a theory and practice of a feminist pedagogy for elementary schools by blending emancipatory feminism an...(Read More)
Left Margins
Left Margins (July 1995)
Cultural Studies and Composition Pedagogy
Karen Fitts - Editor
Alan W. France - Editor

This book examines the cultural politics of knowledge in composition classrooms and presents classroom strategies that develop students' awareness of their own ideological subjectivities.
Left Margins offers an inside view of the cultural politics of knowledge in college-level composition classrooms. The basic question this book raises is whether or not we can continue to represent the writing process apolitically as the work of au...(Read More)
Revisioning Writers' Talk
Revisioning Writers' Talk (March 1995)
Gender and Culture in Acts of Composing
Mary Ann Cain - Author

"Cain has conducted an original research project, one that made me hold my breath at times as I wondered if she would be able to complete such an unusual narrative in a believable manner. She has impressively explored an underexplored area, looking at the writing workshop to discover what is hidden, covert, or not sanctioned. This book illuminates an area that most of us take for granted, assuming we all know how workshops actually function. Her ...(Read More)
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