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The Contemporary Mexican Chronicle
The Contemporary Mexican Chronicle (August 2002)
Theoretical Perspectives on the Liminal Genre
Ignacio Corona - Editor
Beth E. Jörgensen - Editor

Diverse perspectives on the “chronicle”as a literary genre and socio-cultural practice.

The crónica, or chronicle, which crosses the boundaries between fiction and nonfiction, literature and journalism, is a highly polemical and widely read form of writing in Mexico and throughout Latin America, where it plays an influential cultural, social, and historical role. For the first time, this book addresses the theory and pra...(Read More)
Disciplining English
Disciplining English (July 2002)
Alternative Histories, Critical Perspectives
David R. Shumway - Editor
Craig Dionne - Editor

Offers historical and present-day perspectives on what English departments do, and how and why they do it.

These provocative essays explore the unwritten, often unacknowledged codes, conventions, and ideologies overseeing the evolution and current practice of English as a “discipline.” The first section of the book offers historical perspectives: how “composition” becamedistinguished from “literature,” how key intellectu...(Read More)
The Institution of Literature
The Institution of Literature (December 2001)
Jeffrey J. Williams - Editor

Leading voices in literary and cultural studies examine the study of literature at the college level, including the fate of theory, the rise of cultural studies, the academic “star” system, and the difficult job market.

In response to the classic question “What is literature?” we usually look to the novels, poems, and plays on our shelves. The Institution of Literature turns this question ar...(Read More)
Writing the Radical Center
Writing the Radical Center (October 2001)
William Carlos Williams, John Dewey, and American Cultural Politics
John Beck - Author

Explores the cultural work of two important early-twentieth-century writers: the poet William Carlos Williams and the educator/philosopher John Dewey, both key figures in American democracy.

Placing the philosopher John Dewey and the poet William Carlos Williams together--two important figures of twentieth-century American culture--this book examines the ambitions and failings of progressive liberal culture during the fi...(Read More)
The Experimental Arabic Novel
The Experimental Arabic Novel (November 2000)
Postcolonial Literary Modernism in the Levant
Stefan G. Meyer - Author

Traces the development of the modern Arabic novel from the 1960s to the present.

The Experimental Arabic Novel places the modern and contemporary Arabic novel in the context of the modernist-postmodern culture debate in the West. Tracing the development of experimentalism in the modern Arabic novel from the 1960s to the present, Meyer argues that it is possible to speak of distinct literary modernisms that have ea...(Read More)
Folklore and Literature
Folklore and Literature (March 2000)
Studies in the Portuguese, Brazilian, Sephardic, and Hispanic Oral Traditions
Manuel da Costa Fontes - Author

Explores how modern folklore, through its preservation of ballads and folktales, supplements our understanding of the oral tradition and enhances our knowledge of early literature.

"Few scholars have the ability to present the complex topic of folklore dissemination with the thoroughness, accuracy, and amenity displayed throughout Fontes's work. This is a very solid contribution to the field of medieval and renaissance studies a...(Read More)
Historia de la donzella Teodor
Historia de la donzella Teodor (January 2000)
Edition and Study
Isidro J. Rivera - Author
Donna M. Rogers - Author

The first English edition and critical study of an anonymous thirteenth-century text about the disputations of a learned young woman with a series of wise men.

This is the first English edition and critical study of the Historia de la Donzella Teodor, an anonymous thirteenth-century text about the disputations of a learned young woman with a series of wise men. The text recounts the story of a young slav...(Read More)
Gambling, Game, and Psyche
Gambling, Game, and Psyche (December 1999)
Bettina L. Knapp - Author

The fate of the hero-gambler, as described by Dostoevsky, Balzac, Poe, and others, is the focus of this unprecedented exploration of gambling and the human psyche.

Bettina Knapp adds a new spin on the study of gambling as she explores both sides of the cointhe rush and thrill of risk taking versus the depression and defeat of losing. In a unique Jungian approach, Knapp probes the universal and eternal ...(Read More)
Keeping Literary Company
Keeping Literary Company (July 1998)
Working with Writers since the Sixties
Jerome Klinkowitz - Author

A witty, intelligent, first-person account of what Kurt Vonnegut, Jerzy Kosinski, Donald Barthelme, and other important writers of the last three decades wrote, how they wrote it, and what it means for the development of American fiction.


"Memoirs of an academic lucky enough to know the authors he teaches as contemporaries. A view of the passing literary parade from the porch of the ivory tower...(Read More)
Namedropping (July 1998)
Mostly Literary Memoirs
Richard Elman - Author

Candid snapshots in prose of literary and other figures--ranging from Aldous Huxley and Isaac Bashevis Singer to Faye Dunaway and Hunter S. Thompson--whom the author encountered during four decades as a working writer and journalist.

"Elman's impressions are sharp, strongly drawn, and quite revealing." -- Kirkus Reviews

"What sets this work apart from other recent memoirs is that Elman (Tar Beach)...(Read More)
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