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Sean O'Faolain's Irish Vision
Sean O'Faolain's Irish Vision (July 1987)
Richard Bonaccorso - Author

“Urbanity and clarity distinguish this text. I found a sensitive reading of a man's body of work, in its historical context, that persuasively argues O'Faolain's qualities as a world-class writer. With commendable succinctness, the author has put even the novice reader in touch with O'Faolain and his work. It is the best treatment of this subject I've seen. Bonaccorso deftly summarizes plots and situations so that ever...(Read More)
Mallarme and the Sublime
Mallarme and the Sublime (August 1986)
Louis W. Marvick - Author

In this groundbreaking study, Louis W. Marvick develops a literary criterion for the quality known as "the sublime," considered as the expression of an attitude towards the ideal--an attitude composed of irony and enthusiasm in varying proportions. The author examines the various theories of the sublime and traces the development of the concept from a rhetorical device to an experience of spiritual insight derived from the genius of the artist. Th...(Read More)
Virginia Woolf and the Politics of Style
Virginia Woolf and the Politics of Style (August 1986)
Pamela J. Transue - Author

This readable, informed, and insightful book illustrates the effects Virginia Woolf's feminism had on her art. Woolf's committed feminism combined with her integrity as an artist and her ability to metamorphose ideology into art make her work particularly suitable for a study of the complex relationship of polemic to aesthetics. There is hardly a more crucial issue for the feminist artist today, who must seek a successful fusion of her principles wi...(Read More)
The American Sublime
The American Sublime (June 1986)
Mary Arensberg - Editor

American poetics has been radicalized in recent years by revisionist theories which replay and ground poets against their Romantic precursors. Beginning with the sublime politics of Emerson and ending with women poets who renounce the authority of gender, The American Sublime represents the various modes of recent critical thinking.

This collection of essays takes up the mapping of the American sublime begun by Harold Bloom. Prefaced...(Read More)
Harp on the Shore
Harp on the Shore (June 1985)
Thoreau and the Sea
William Bonner - Editor
George R. Levine - Editor

Allusions to the sea permeate Thoreau's writings, enriching many of his basic ideas. Harp on the Shore examines Thoreau's use of maritime metaphor. It shows how he, a writer ordinarily perceived as quintessentially landlocked, came to view the terrestrial world in terms of the oceanic.

The book explores both the poetic and the philosophical implications of Thoreau's passion for the sea. Beginning with Thoreau...(Read More)
William Blake and the Moderns
William Blake and the Moderns (June 1983)
Robert J. Bertholf - Editor
Annette S. Levitt - Editor

Robert Bertholf and Annette Levitt have assembled thirteen essays that establish Blake as a "central voice molding modern literature and thought." The essays in this volume examine Blake's influence on modern poetry, the modern novel, and modern thought from various critical approaches. This collection maps out the lines of direct literary influences and indirect intellectual affinities that make up the tradition of enactedform. Through the use o...(Read More)
Fathers and Sons in Virgil's Aeneid
Fathers and Sons in Virgil's Aeneid (June 1982)
Tum Genitor Natum
M. Owen Lee - Author

Narrative summary of Virgil’s epic poem.

In this book, M. Owen Lee provides a comprehensive narrative summary of Virgil’s Aeneid and a personal account of his experience with the epic poem. Noting that Virgil is the writer most Latinists read early, live with, and often come to love late, Lee expresses a clear devotion to the poet’s work and relates how it has touched him throughout his lif...(Read More)
Anarchism in the Dramas of Ernst Toller
Anarchism in the Dramas of Ernst Toller (June 1980)
Michael Ossar - Author

This study shows how politics and art intermingled in the life and works of one of the most renowned playwrights of German Expressionism, a man who was in many senses paradigmatic of the non-communist Left in the Weimar Republic. Toller sought to preserve the sanctity of the individual against collectivist assaults from the Right and from the Left, but at the same time to meet the needs of a complex society. Ossar demonstrates that the playw...(Read More)
Meaning in Comedy
Meaning in Comedy (June 1975)
Studies in Elizabethan Romantic Comedy
John S. Weld - Author

The festive Elizabethan comedies constitute a unique and dazzling drama, yet they have seldom been studied as a genre, and, except for Shakespeare's plays, they are seldom interpreted. Although successive audiences have found these works delightful, critics at times regard them as rather trivial.

Professor Weld's book, which is based upon a challenging new view of sixteenth-century dramaturgy, results in a new understanding of the plays, and ...(Read More)
Guido da Pisa's Commentary on Dante's Inferno
Guido da Pisa's Commentary on Dante's Inferno (June 1974)
Vincenzo Cioffari - Editor

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