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Old Tales and New Truths
Old Tales and New Truths (February 1992)
Charting the Bright-Shadow World
James Roy King - Author

"I like the basic thesis--that traditional narratives can be used, rhetorically, by their tellers as conceptual blockbreakers rather than as reinforcers of what is. This point is very well, even enchantingly, made. King adds a new dimension and sophistication to the study of folk narratives cross culturally. -- Sabra J. Webber, The Ohio State University.

This guidebook to the Bright-Shadow World develops three closely related issues. The f...(Read More)
Reading Old Friends
Reading Old Friends (February 1992)
Essays, Reviews, and Poems on Poetics 1975-1990
John Matthias - Author

"John Matthias is one of the leading poets in the USA at the moment. He is also an accomplished critic. These pieces are written in a congenial and civilized style. They are not 'criticism' in the current sense of tedious argument and defended theory. John writes for an audience that reads. Even so, there is a great deal of good criticism here, and the book will be reviewed as a critical tour de force. This is a lively book, an intelligent one...(Read More)
The Politics of Voice
The Politics of Voice (February 1992)
Liberalism and Social Criticism from Franklin to Kingston
Malini Johar Schueller - Author

"I am very impressed by Schueller's identification and analysis of the generic identity of these disparate texts as well as by her deft handling of the complex issues of the politics within and among them. I think that in itself constitutes a significant contribution to American literary scholarship. The author has done an excellent job of laying out the formal and rhetorical strategies common among these books that she labels as personal-politica...(Read More)
Feminism, Bakhtin, and the Dialogic
Feminism, Bakhtin, and the Dialogic (February 1992)
Dale M. Bauer - Editor
Susan Jaret McKinstry - Editor

Feminism, Bakhtin, and the Dialogic assembles thirteen essays on the intersection of Bakhtin's narrative theory, especially his concept of dialogism. The book explores the dimensions of using Bakhtin for a feminist analysis and discerns the connections between feminist dialogics and cultural materialism. The authors offer various views ranging from studies of ecofeminism, gender theories of novelistic discourse, Bakhtin and French feminism, t...(Read More)
In the Shadow of Olympus
In the Shadow of Olympus (February 1992)
German Women Writers Around 1800
Katherine R. Goodman - Editor
Edith Waldstein - Editor

"This is a detailed and competent account of German women writers around 1800, the first of this kind in English; it offers a wealth of information about the cultural background and conditions and good analyses of selected literary works. It is written in a clear style and is often vivid and interesting; it discusses in a sober, critical form a good number of issues of feminist scholarship.

"The classical period of German lite...(Read More)
Through the Lens of the Reader
Through the Lens of the Reader (December 1991)
Explorations of European Narrative
Lilian R. Furst - Author

Through the Lens of the Reader is a sequence of ten essays exploring European narrative from the eighteenth to the twentieth century. It covers a wide spectrum of authors ranging from Goethe through Balzac, Flaubert, Zola, George Eliot, Henry James to Rilke, Thomas Mann, and Kafka. The essays are unified by a particular mode of reading, in which the lens of the reader becomes the filter through which texts are constructed in accordance with...(Read More)
Pound's Epic Ambition
Pound's Epic Ambition (October 1991)
Dante and the Modern World
Stephen Sicari - Author

"Sicari shows, canto by canto, how Pound uses not only the Odyssey of Homer and the Commedia of Dante but also the Aenead of Virgil as an organizing principal as well as a sub-base of meaning. An informed reader will see for the first time the unity, cohesion, and systematic growth of the poem to climaxes of light in the final cantos." -- Carroll Terrell, University of Maine at Orono

This book ...(Read More)
The Idea of Difficulty in Literature
The Idea of Difficulty in Literature (September 1991)
Alan C. Purves - Editor

This book redefines the nature of textual difficulty in literature and shows the implications of the new definition for teachers at all levels of education. Contrary to the traditional use of grade levels or readability formulae, the authors redefine difficulty in terms of readers and the texts they meet. They base their arguments on contemporary linguistic theory, on historical and comparative studies of criticism, on literary theory about reader...(Read More)
Novels, Novelists, and Readers
Novels, Novelists, and Readers (July 1991)
Toward a Phenomenological Sociology of Literature
Mary F. Rogers - Author

"This is one of the most ambitious works in the sociology of literature that I have recently seen. It asks big questions and the author is not afraid to do the kind of intensive and extensive reading and thinking necessary to answer those questions. This is the first book I have seen that uses a phenomenological perspective to ask about novels, readers, authors, the act of reading, and the publishing industry." -- Gaye Tuchman, City University of ...(Read More)
Between Exile and Return
Between Exile and Return (March 1991)
S. Y. Agnon and the Drama of Writing
Anne Golomb Hoffman - Author

This innovative study of the modern Hebrew writer, S. Y. Agnon, offers new insight into his literary transformations of Jewish themes and sources. With particular attention to Kafka, Hoffman situates Agnon in the context of twentieth-century literature and examines such central issues in Agnon's art as the relationship of the literary text to traditions of sacred writings, the place of the book in culture, and the relationship of writing to the bod...(Read More)
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