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The Midrashic Imagination
The Midrashic Imagination (July 1993)
Jewish Exegesis, Thought, and History
Michael Fishbane - Editor

"Written by some of the most outstanding scholars of Jewish Studies, this book sheds light on the dominant cognitive mode of Judaism. Through the Midrashic process Jewish scholars molded Jewish consciousness, responded to historical crises, created legal and theological norms, and shaped Jewish culture. The book offers a sophisticated analysis of textuality in Judaism: the interpretation of sacred texts explains both the traditionalist nature of ...(Read More)
Autonomy and Judaism
Autonomy and Judaism (October 1992)
The Individual and Community in Jewish Philosophical Thought
Daniel H. Frank - Editor

"The book demonstrates the liveliness of modern Jewish philosophy, as well as its continuing engagement with a wide range of philosophical schools and methods: Kantian and neo-Kantian, Aristotelian and Maimonidean, Marx, Gadamer, and of course a wide range of biblical and classical rabbinic texts. The work is rich, suggestive and, on the whole, quite accessible." -- Louis E. Newman, Carleton College

This volume brings together leading philo...(Read More)
Neoplatonism and Jewish Thought
Neoplatonism and Jewish Thought (July 1992)
Lenn E. Goodman - Editor

This book deals primarily with the problem of the one and the many. The problems of creation, of evil, of revelation, and of ethics are all treated as special cases of the general problem of relating the finite to the infinite, the many to the one. The authors focus on the unifying theme of mediation, the means by which the Absolute relates to the here and now. The principal figures studied include Philo, Plotinus, Iamblichus, Isaac Israeli, Avic...(Read More)
Maimonides on Judaism and the Jewish People
Maimonides on Judaism and the Jewish People (September 1991)
Menachem Kellner - Author

"This book in not only a study of Maimonides, but an intellectual broadside against the apostles of Jewish particularism in Israel today. It is a timely contribution to the religious debate going on in Israel between those who believe that Jews possess a distinct metaphysical essence and those who view the distinctiveness of the Jewish people in its religious heritage. Thanks to Dr. Kellner's book, it is the latter group which can justifiably claim ...(Read More)
The Pursuit of the Ideal
The Pursuit of the Ideal (April 1990)
Jewish Writings of Steven Schwarzschild
Menachem Kellner - Editor

Steven Schwarzschild--rabbi, socialist, pacifist, theologian, and philosopher--is both the last of the major medieval Jewish philosophers and the most modern. He is in the tradition of the Jewish thinking that began with Sa'adia Gaon and reached its highest expression in Maimonides. These thinkers believed that Judaism must confront some systematic view of the universe. Sa'adia did this with Kalam, ibn Gabirol with Neo-Platonism, and Maimonides w...(Read More)
Jewish Philosophy in a Secular Age
Jewish Philosophy in a Secular Age (January 1990)
Kenneth Seeskin - Author

"It addresses central questions in classic and current Jewish religious thought--analyzes them in an obviously erudite, unpretentious, even elegant manner, solidly derived from the classic texts of general and religious literature--and thus produces a constructive 'relevant' philosophical theology that is very likely to be of concern not only to Jewish thinkers but, as a paradigm, to any thoughtful person." -- Steven S. Schwarzchild, Washington Univ...(Read More)
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