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Zion in the Desert
Zion in the Desert (July 2007)
American Jews in Israel's Reform Kibbutzim
William F. S. Miles - Author

The first book about the only two Reform Movement kibbutzim in Israel.

Zion in the Desert speaks to the millions of Jewish American baby boomers who at one time in their youth flirted with moving to Israel and may still wonder: “What would have happened to me? Who would I have become?” These questions are particularly poignant at a time when many American Jews are reassessing the role of Israe...(Read More)
Zionism (July 2007)
Past and Present
Nathan Rotenstreich - Author

Traces the dialectical connections between Zionism’s past and present.

In Zionism, the late Nathan Rotenstreich traces the dialectical connections between Zionism’s past and present based on his contention that the Jewish nation comprises both the State of Israel and the Diaspora. He also addresses relations between both Israel and the Diaspora, on the one hand, and Israel and the Arab worl...(Read More)
Eye on Israel
Eye on Israel (February 2006)
How America Came to View Israel as an Ally
Michelle Mart - Author

Examines the image of Israel in American culture before 1960.

Eye on Israel shows how the seeds of contemporary U.S.-Israeli relations were sown in the cultural narratives of the late 1940s and 1950s, long before American policymakers formed a close political and strategic relationship with Israel. Michelle Mart brings together diverse areas of history and examines the cultural antecedents of this much-h...(Read More)
Converging Alternatives
Converging Alternatives (January 2006)
The Bund and the Zionist Labor Movement, 1897-1985
Yosef Gorny - Author

The first comparative study of two major Jewish labor movements.

Converging Alternatives provides the first comparative study of the national ideology of two rival Jewish socialist movements: the Bund party and the Zionist Labor movement in Eretz-Israel (Palestine). Yosef Gorny traces the concept of the Jewish nation from the foundation of the Bund and the first Zionist Congress in 1897 until the remains of the Bu...(Read More)
Building Trust
Building Trust (December 2005)
Overcoming Suspicion in International Conflict
Aaron M. Hoffman - Author

Challenges conventional assumptions about how international rivals form trusting relationships.

How is trust built in international politics? In this book, Aaron M. Hoffman argues that conventional arguments fail to account for two factors governments fear and wish to protect themselves from: domination by outside parties and political competition from internal parties. He argues that trusting relationships emerge in ...(Read More)
California Dreaming
California Dreaming (August 2005)
Ideology, Society, and Technology in the Citrus Industry of Palestine, 1890-1939
Nahum Karlinsky - Author

Multidisciplinary study of the citrus industry in Palestine before World War II.

The citrus industry of Palestine has often been associated with the myths and ideals of the Labor Movement and its Zionist-Socialist ideology. The Jaffa orange, like the young pioneer and the collective kibbutz, was emblematic of a colonizing meta-narrative that marginalized or even denounced the private entrepreneurs—both...(Read More)
The Watchman Fell Asleep
The Watchman Fell Asleep (August 2005)
The Surprise of Yom Kippur and Its Sources
Uri Bar-Joseph - Author

Examines how Israel was caught by surprise in the opening stages of the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

Based on many formerly undisclosed intelligence and military documents, the secret protocols of discussions on the eve of the war, and interviews with relevant figures, The Watchman Fell Asleep is a compelling account of Israel’s intelligence failure before the 1973 Arab attack known as the Yom Kippur War. The H...(Read More)
Israeli Backpackers
Israeli Backpackers (July 2005)
From Tourism to Rite of Passage
Chaim Noy - Editor
Erik Cohen - Editor

Examines the backpacking trip usually taken by Israeli youth following military service.

In the period after their military service, Jewish Israeli youth customarily embark on a unique touristic practice: the backpacking trip. Combining sociological, anthropological, and psychological research—based on innovative fieldwork conducted with Israeli backpackers in Israel and abroad—this book depicts the c...(Read More)
Sappho in the Holy Land
Sappho in the Holy Land (December 2004)
Lesbian Existence and Dilemmas in Contemporary Israel
Chava Frankfort-Nachmias - Editor
Erella Shadmi - Editor

Essays on the experience of lesbians in contemporary Israeli society.

This unique collection examines the experience of lesbians in Israel, providing insight into some of the institutions that have helped shape that experience. The book analyzes and interprets how culturally specific political, ideological, and social systems construct lesbian identities, experiences, and dilemmas, and it also explores how a specific ...(Read More)
Shattered Vessels
Shattered Vessels (February 2004)
Memory, Identity, and Creation in the Work of David Shahar
Michal Peled Ginsburg - Author
Moshe Ron - Author

The first book-length study of the Israeli novelist David Shahar.

David Shahar (1926–1997), author of the seven-novel sequence The Palace of Shattered Vessels, occupies an ambiguous position in the Israeli literary canon. Often compared to Proust, Shahar produced a body of work that offers a fascinating poetic and ideological alternative to the dominant models of Amos Oz and A. B. Yehoshua. This book, the ...(Read More)
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