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High-Speed Management and Organizational Communication in the 1990s
High-Speed Management and Organizational Communication in the 1990s (March 1994)
A Reader
Sarah Sanderson King - Editor
Donald P. Cushman - Editor

"This book brings together a theoretically interesting and pragmatically useful collection of writings in the area of high speed managment and global business. The role of high-speed management in the survival of corporations provides a refreshing and needed perspective on changing values and conditions in the global marketplace. The authors present a series of fascinating perspectives on the topic of high speed management and organizational commu...(Read More)
Elite Families
Elite Families (September 1993)
Class and Power in Nineteenth-Century Boston
Betty G. Farrell - Author

"Good work! Well written! A solid contribution to an important area of American social history." -- Peter Dobkin Hall, Yale University

This book maps the development of a regional elite and its persistence as an economic upper class through the nineteenth century. Farrell's study traces the kinship networks and overlapping business ties of the most economically prominent Brahmin families from the beginning of industrialization in the 1820s...(Read More)
Technocracy at Work
Technocracy at Work (July 1993)
Beverly H. Burris - Author

Technocracy, loosely defined, is "rule by experts." Technocracy at Work focuses on the organizational dimensions and aspects of technocracy.

Substantial sociological literatures have analyzed contemporary changes in factories, bureaucracies, and professional organizations. What has not been well investigated is the interrelatedness of these changes and the emergence of technocracy in the workplace. This book fills thi...(Read More)
The Need for a Sacred Science
The Need for a Sacred Science (July 1993)
Seyyed Hossein Nasr - Author

"This work is a brilliant blending of sound scholarship and spiritual vision." -- Jacob Needleman, San Francisco State University

This book deals with the meaning of a science rooted in the sacred, the metaphysical foundation of such science, its contrast to modern science and its pertinence to some of the major issues facing humanity today. In the first part, the author turns to the fundamental question of the multiplicity of sacred forms. ...(Read More)
Jones's Minimal
Jones's Minimal (March 1993)
Low-Wage Labor in the United States
David Griffith - Author

This book addresses the ways employers in American industries use race, gender, ethnicity, and institutions of the state and the church to manipulate workers' networks and communities, and ultimately, to control the supplies and characteristics of their labor.

Griffith focuses on the labor processes in the seafood and poultry processing industries, paying particular attention to the growing use of new immigrant workers, women, and minority wo...(Read More)
Power in the Workplace
Power in the Workplace (January 1993)
The Politics of Production at AT&T
Steven Peter Vallas - Author

This book presents a systematic case study of the hi-tech communications industry that reveals many trends in managerial authority in the workpace. Vallas reveals the mechanisms that enable advanced capitalist firms to achieve and maintain control over the workers they employ. He demonstrates that the spread and integration of automated technologies place lower level human labor in positions of declining power. The new regime does not deskill wor...(Read More)
Union Voices
Union Voices (December 1992)
Labor's Responses to Crisis
Glenn Adler - Editor
Doris Suarez - Editor

The contributors to this book are labor activists reflecting on their direct experiences and their union's efforts to address the serious problems facing them in a rapidly changing political and economic environment. The authors discuss now new forms of international competition, corporate restructuring, technological innovation, and the anti-labor policies and prejudices of recent national administrations have undermined union strength and influen...(Read More)
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