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Undervalued Dissent
Undervalued Dissent (December 2016)
Informal Workers' Politics in India
Manjusha Nair - Author

HONORABLE MENTION - 2018 Global Division Book Award, presented by the Global Division of the Society for the Study of Social Problems

Uses two case studies to demonstrate how neoliberal reforms in India have de-democratized labor politics.

Honorable Mention, 2018 Global Division Book Award presented by the Global Division of the Society ...(Read More)
In the Wake of the Giant
In the Wake of the Giant (July 1998)
Multinational Restructuring and Uneven Development in a New England Community
Max H. Kirsch - Author

Contrasting "native" and "outsider" points of view, this book explores the contemporary realities of work, development and redevelopment in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, a New England community undergoing rapid industrial restructuring.

Based on anthropological fieldwork in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, In the Wake of the Giant has implications for towns and cities across the country and internationally. It traces the h...(Read More)
Women and Minorities in American Professions
Women and Minorities in American Professions (October 1996)
Joyce Tang - Editor
Earl Smith - Editor

Asks how and with what measure of success women and minorities fare in comparison with white males in American professions.

"This is quite frankly an excellent anthology on a topic that has not been well studied, at least as systematically as in this book. It provides an excellent update to such works as Stromberg and Harkess' Women Working." — A. Gary Dworkin, University of Houston

"This is a truly outstanding book; it is very interesting, in fact, fascinating. The author effectively weaves theory with evidence from the District of Jerusalem into a smooth, convincing, and very readable narrative. The debate over the nature of the 'Islamic city' is innovative and b...(Read More)
North American Auto Unions in Crisis
North American Auto Unions in Crisis (February 1996)
Lean Production as Contested Terrain
William C. Green - Editor
Ernest J. Yanarella - Editor

This edited volume provides the first comparative cross-national study of U.S. and Canadian Labor relations in Japanese North American auto transplants, Japanese joint ventures with the Big Three automakers, and Saturn, the Japanese-style GM auto plant.

In this edited volume, U.S. and Canadian political scientists, sociologists, and labor educators contribute to the debate of the crisis of the Fordist regime of mass pro...(Read More)
Fighting For Jobs
Fighting For Jobs (August 1995)
Case Studies of Labor-Community Coalitions Confronting Plant Closings
Bruce Nissen - Author

Examines the struggle of the unions and communities to save jobs in plant-closing situations in the 1980s, and shows why some labor-community coalitions were more successful than others.

This book examines the struggle of unions and communities to save jobs in plant-closing situations in the 1980s. The unusual depth of the research allows the reader to grasp the key factors affecting such battles in an era of industrial ...(Read More)
Autowork (May 1995)
Robert Asher - Editor
Ronald Edsforth - Editor
Stephen Merlino - With assistance from

An anthology of original essays on the history of work experience in automobile factories, from 1913 to the present.

"This is an absolutely marvelous anthology surveying and analyzing the rich history and changing character of autowork in twentieth-century America. It is one of the few books that analyzes the auto industry and its workforce from its origins to the present." -- Stephen Meyer, author of The Five Dollar Day: Labor M...(Read More)
Hidden in the Home
Hidden in the Home (October 1994)
The Role of Waged Homework in the Modern World-Economy
Jamie Faricellia Dangler - Author

This book combines a case study of industrial homework in the electronics industry with a world-systems approach to understanding the role of home-based work in economic development. It spans the period from the nineteenth-century origins of industrial homework to the important role played by home-based work in current strategies of economic restructuring in manufacturing and service industries. The author draws a clear distinction between industria...(Read More)
Corporate Communication
Corporate Communication (August 1994)
Theory and Practice
Michael B. Goodman - Editor

Communication has become more complex as businesses compete globally. This book explores corporate communication as both a professional practice and as an academic discipline. The essays and case studies provide numerous perspectives on topics such as diversity, sexual harassment, global corporate communications, and communicating corporate culture. These essays are meant to stimulate thought and encourage additional research.

"This book i...(Read More)
New Approaches to Organizational Communication
New Approaches to Organizational Communication (July 1994)
Branislav Kovacic - Editor

"This book represents a clearly-focused vision about where the field of organizational communication is going. I know of no collection of essays that provides the depth, breadth, and intellectual clarity that this book does." -- Anne M. Nicotera, Howard University

New Approaches to Organizational Communication brings together three major conceptual developments. First, it sheds new light on standards used to evaluate processes and pra...(Read More)
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