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Corporate Communication
Corporate Communication (August 1994)
Theory and Practice
Michael B. Goodman - Editor

Communication has become more complex as businesses compete globally. This book explores corporate communication as both a professional practice and as an academic discipline. The essays and case studies provide numerous perspectives on topics such as diversity, sexual harassment, global corporate communications, and communicating corporate culture. These essays are meant to stimulate thought and encourage additional research.

"This book i...(Read More)
New Approaches to Organizational Communication
New Approaches to Organizational Communication (July 1994)
Branislav Kovacic - Editor

"This book represents a clearly-focused vision about where the field of organizational communication is going. I know of no collection of essays that provides the depth, breadth, and intellectual clarity that this book does." -- Anne M. Nicotera, Howard University

New Approaches to Organizational Communication brings together three major conceptual developments. First, it sheds new light on standards used to evaluate processes and pra...(Read More)
Technocracy at Work
Technocracy at Work (July 1993)
Beverly H. Burris - Author

Technocracy, loosely defined, is "rule by experts." Technocracy at Work focuses on the organizational dimensions and aspects of technocracy.

Substantial sociological literatures have analyzed contemporary changes in factories, bureaucracies, and professional organizations. What has not been well investigated is the interrelatedness of these changes and the emergence of technocracy in the workplace. This book fills thi...(Read More)
The Emotionally Troubled Employee
The Emotionally Troubled Employee (June 1976)
A Challenge to Industry
Pasquale A. Carone - Editor
Sherman N. Kieffer - Editor
Leonard W. Krinsky - Editor
Stanley F. Yolles - Editor

Discusses how companies can run efficiently while still being understanding of their employees’ emotional troubles.

Representatives from management and labor, from university campuses, the fields of medicine, psychology, psychiatry, and government presented papers upon which these essays are based at a conference on “The Emotionally Disturbed Employee.” Sponsored by the South Oaks Foundation an...(Read More)
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