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Measured Meals
Measured Meals (February 2009)
Nutrition in America
Jessica J. Mudry - Author

2009 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title

Provides an alternative history of nutrition in the U.S. that focuses on the power of scientific language.

As nutritional studies proliferate, producing more and more knowledge about the connection between diet and health, Americans seem increasingly confused about what to eat to stay healthy. In Measured Meals, Jessica J. Mudry looks at ...(Read More)
Depression and Narrative
Depression and Narrative (October 2008)
Telling the Dark
Hilary Clark - Edited, introduction, and notes

How the story of depression gets told in print, on screen, and online.

Depression and Narrative examines stories of depression in the context of recent scholarship on illness and narrative, which up to this point has largely focused on physical illness and disability. Contributors from a number of disciplinary perspectives address these narrative accounts of depression, by both sufferers and those who tre...(Read More)
What If Medicine Disappeared?
What If Medicine Disappeared? (January 2008)
Gerald E. Markle - Author
Frances B. McCrea - Author

Argues convincingly, if counterintuitively, that modern medicine has little impact on longevity or mortality.

In this thought-provoking book, sociologists Gerald E. Markle and Frances B. McCrea ask what would happen if Western medicine were to disappear. Using a rigorous and imaginative method—a thought experiment—Markle and McCrea evaluate medicine’s impact on mortality and our national heal...(Read More)

The Mediating Effect of Public Opinion on Public Policy
The Mediating Effect of Public Opinion on Public Policy (July 2004)
Exploring the Realm of Health Care
Richard E. Chard - Author

Examines how public opinion has influenced health care policy.

Using health care policy to develop a theory of how public opinion influences public policy outcomes, Richard E. Chard draws on data ranging from presidential approval ratings to polls conducted during the debate over the Health Security Act. Over the last five decades the relationship has been a complex one, yet there are clear indications that health car...(Read More)
Pathological Gambling
Pathological Gambling (March 2000)
The Making of a Medical Problem
Brian Castellani - Author

This first book on the history of gambling examines how it became a major social problem in the United States, and how it was made into a medical disorder.

Although pathological gambling has been a field of study and treatment for over forty years, its story has remained unwritten. That is until now. Brian Castellani is the first to write a book on its history and its medicalization.

Drawing on five years of research, Castellani...(Read More)
The Politics of International Health
The Politics of International Health (October 1998)
The Children's Vaccine Initiative and the Struggle to Develop Vaccines for the Third World
William Muraskin - Author

Presents the history of the Children's Vaccine Initiative, examining its successes and failures in promoting the development of both new and improved vaccines for the Third World.

Tracing the history of the Children's Vaccine Initiative (CVI), this book examines its successes and failures in promoting the development of both new and improved vaccines for the Third World. The CVI has achieved many successes, including mak...(Read More)
The Eclipse of the State Mental Hospital
The Eclipse of the State Mental Hospital (April 1996)
Policy, Stigma, and Organization
George W. Dowdall - Author

Examines the origins, recent history, and future of state hospitals.
State hospitals still account for the majority of the state dollars spent on mental health care across the nation. Why do state hospitals persist and expand despite public scandal and professional disapproval? What role does the state mental hospital play in the current system of care for the seriously mentally ill? What role should it play, and at what cost? Dowdall exp...(Read More)
False Fixes
False Fixes (August 1994)
The Cultural Politics of Drugs, Alcohol, and Addictive Relations
David Forbes - Author

"David Forbes has given us a book on drugs for the post-Reagan era. Even now there are few treatments of this subject from the point of view of its victims, the addicts. This book is an invaluable source for new social policy and widespread debate in the social sciences." -- Stanley Aronowitz, Graduate Center, City University of New York

This book examines recent efforts to rid society of addictions and finds them wanting. The author exami...(Read More)
Health Care for an Aging Population
Health Care for an Aging Population (August 1994)
Chris Hackler - Editor

This volume examines one of the most important policy issues to be faced as policymakers address both current and future health care needs--the allocation of health care resources for an aging population. The first part looks at the role of the aged in society, what justice requires of the young toward the old and of the old toward the young, the source of rising health care costs, and the need to control medical spending.
The second part focus...(Read More)
All Things to All People
All Things to All People (June 1994)
The Catholic Church Confronts the AIDS Crisis
Mark R. Kowalewski - Author

This book examines the Roman Catholic Church in the United States as it responds to the AIDS crisis and persons with AIDS from a critical sociological perspective using organizational theory.

"This topic is significant for two reasons: (1) AIDS and the Church's response to it will continue to create conflict and force issues regarding moral deliberation to the forefront of theological ethics; (2) the Church's use of power and its openness to...(Read More)
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