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Assessment and Access
Assessment and Access (January 1992)
Hispanics in Higher Education
Gary D. Keller - Editor
James R. Deneen - Editor
Rafael J. Magallan - Editor

This book treats the major issues of assessment and access as they relate to the Hispanic communities of the United States. For the purpose of increasing Hispanic access to higher education, it explores a variety of developments in educational assessment and test familiarization, both theoretical and practical. There are contributions to this volume from researchers and test specialists from the higher education community and the Educational Testi...(Read More)
The Academic Crisis of the Community College
The Academic Crisis of the Community College (July 1991)
Dennis McGrath - Author
Martin B. Spear - Author

"What I like most about this book is that the authors do not see community colleges as being separate from other parts of post-secondary education. The usual view of two-year colleges is reductionist -- perceiving them exclusively in functional ways -- vocational, collegiate, remedial, etc. McGrath and Spear see community colleges as part of the full historical unfolding of educational institutions in the United States and, thus, critique them as...(Read More)
The Great Transformation in Higher Education, 1960-1980
The Great Transformation in Higher Education, 1960-1980 (February 1991)
Clark Kerr - Author

"This is a first-rate source of historical information from one who was personally involved in most of the issues. Clark Kerr pulls together the many currents that were running through the community of higher education in these post-war years to clarify the relevance and importance of these institutions to the ongoing of American society. He shows the enormous value to this country and to the free world of the great American universities, and he u...(Read More)
Moral Values and Higher Education
Moral Values and Higher Education (January 1991)
Dennis L. Thompson - Editor

In this book, eleven prominent scholars discuss the moral condition of contemporary society and the appropriate response from universities. Specifically, they address such issues as the extent to which university curriculums should treat ethics or human values; what universities and faculties should do to improve the moral thinking and responsibility of students; and what contributions universities can make in improving the morality of society in g...(Read More)
The Racial Crisis in American Higher Education
The Racial Crisis in American Higher Education (January 1991)
Philip G. Altbach - Editor
Kofi Lomotey - Editor

"Too often students and other members of academia and society at-large view race related issues as something of the past. This book provides support for continued research on race-related issues and the need to direct public policy toward efforts that will end institutional acts of racism." --Bruce Anthony Jones, Graduate School of Education, University of Pittsburgh

Across the country our universities and colleges continue to be beset by i...(Read More)
The Higher Learning and High Technology
The Higher Learning and High Technology (March 1990)
Dynamics of Higher Education Policy Formation
Sheila Slaughter - Author

In this critical new work, Slaughter investigates how university involvement in high technology influences higher education policy. By conducting a case study of the Business-Higher Education Forum, a liaison organization consisting of Fortune 500 Chief Executive Officers and presidents of well-known research universities, the author explores the policy agenda of the Forum, the historical and structural antecedents of that agenda, and its organizat...(Read More)
Why Innovation Fails
Why Innovation Fails (June 1980)
A. Levine - Author

We know a lot about innovation in education—when it occurs, what forms it takes, or what steps it involves. But we don’t know why it fails or succeeds. Arthur Levine’s goal in writing this book was to understand how change can be accomplished successfully. His focus is on what happens after a change has been adopted.

Levine first offers a theory about change in organizations, based on the personality of ...(Read More)
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