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Canetti and Nietzsche
Canetti and Nietzsche (December 1996)
Theories of Humor in Die Blendung
Harriet Murphy - Author

This first full-length study investigates the profound implications of the peculiarly original sense of humor found in Elias Canetti's single novel--a facetiousness, understood in a Nietzschean sense, as a revolutionary aesthetic.
"This book deals with an important novel of a major twentieth-century writer. Murphy's approach effectively combines traditional literary criticism with such contemporary trends as feminist and post-colonial cri...(Read More)
Education in the Third Reich
Education in the Third Reich (June 1985)
Race and History in Nazi Textbooks
Gilmer W. Blackburn - Author

In its determination to take absolute control, the Third Reich focused on the nation's youth, reserving for the schools the vital task of refashioning the German psyche. This book examines these propaganda efforts--one of the most radical and far-reaching experiments in educational history.

The book focuses on the manipulation of the German past, one of the primary means of state intervention to ensure the triumph of the racial idea in histo...(Read More)
German Feminism
German Feminism (June 1984)
Readings in Politics and Literature
Edith H. Altbach - Editor
Jeannette Clausen - Editor
Dagmar Schultz - Editor
Naomi Stephan - Editor

Rich, diverse, and complex, this anthology presents the new prose fiction of women from both Germanys and Austria and the working papers of the German women's movement since the late 1960s. The alternation of an inner and outer focus in these selections allows the reader to explore the resonance between political thought and action, and the creative expression of women's own experience. Also invaluable, and exemplary of the vitality of German femi...(Read More)
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